[Guide] UPDATED Hitchhikers Guide to the End!

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  1. I travel the end daily and I mean daily. My total flight distance is 700k blocks on the north and south directions. I have found a total of 2 DCS of elytra's. What I can say is it's really easy to travel now. If you want to be a dare devil you can be down to -44 before you take damage. If you are flying, please pay attention to your elytra's durability level. I carry an e-chest with shulker boxes full of color coded boxes for specific items. Light blue for diamond gear, yellow for exp bottles (repairing armour and elytra), grey for elytra's, red for rockets, lime green (favorite color) for my personal items/valuables, and regular purple boxes for multi-purpose. You can fly up to y: 300 if you do it right. You can use rockets up to y:199 before you get a message saying " you cannot use rockets this high up". Then you can float till you get close to the ground and repeat. My flying gets me maybe 50-100k per full durability. I usually only loot ships but sometimes I'll defeat and entire city. Use golden apple, it helps a lot. Have looting III on ur sword if you are looking for shulker shells. Use a bow like the thread said, it makes it easier. I'm not sure if anyone said but it seems like going south/north than east/west is better looting. I also use diff 1 so I dont die when looting the entire end city. Each projectile puts me one half heart less, I have God armour (max enchant (using just regular protection IV)). Projectile protection helps alot in theory. Haven't tried it yet.
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  2. a ton of good info! I wouldn't say that playing on diff 1 is going to get you a good amount of loot though(specifically shulker shells!). I use full diamond protection 4 gear and 1 with projectile protection 4. I also play on difficulty 7 and went about 5 months without dying, most of that time was while raiding end cities. just keep ender pearls and chorus fruit on the hotbar since you are more likely to die from falling than anything, after you get used to using your shield in those one vertical rooms that have like 10-12 shulkers firing at you at once lol. Dealing with the shulkers is infinitely easier when you are utilizing your shield right and using the levitation effect to your advantage instead of fighting it.
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  3. That is true with shield. I never liked them, too bulkey for me. What's the science behind the chorus plants. I rarely use them but I have them just In case
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  4. growing the chorus plants is one thing but if you just knock down the ones that you see all over the end, from the bottom of the plant, it will drop chorus fruit. Eat the fruit while you are floating and you will be teleported to the ground. careful though, if you are in an end city and eat one, it will teleport you down to the "ground level"(outside of the end city)which can be frustrating but also useful if you intend to do such, can save on enderpearls or time waiting on water to flow all the way to the ground. you can also eat them while flying for a quick safe landing ;)

    While raiding the cities and climbing through them you will probably want to use enderpearls over chorus fruit so that you aren't teleported out of the room you are clearing... but it can get you to safety quickly if you are in that annoying vertical room and getting overwhelmed :D

    I always keep enderpearls, a water bucket and chorus fruit on my hotbar while in the end.
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  5. Also, to negate the LEVITATION effect, use water, when submerged in water, the levitation effect will be automatically canceled, but not removed, as soon as you exit the water, you will start levitating into the air again, which is great in tight closed spaces.
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  6. If someone is gonna end raid, they need to understand the vastness of the end. From the center island it's most likely unlooted 10k diameter and above. Most people dont go that far.
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  7. yup, I have a base in the end 5k out, 25k out and I am about to start looting today probably at 30-35k out but if you go in any direction besides the meandering one I took you can find a place to put your base that is untouched for tens of thousands of blocks. I think my next base is going to be 50k out and I am just going to build a bunch of farms so I can make maps like I did when I raided the wastelands(maps still being displayed at my res at /v +gawa on smp7) but make it mostly self sustained and just map a good 10k around that base in all directions.

    Edit: some crazy person was talking the other day of making an end base some 4million blocks out :eek: *looks around accusingly* xD
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  8. Sounds good, I can help with that if you want. But are maps good for the end? Didnt think they worked
  9. well you can go see the maps for yourself if you have doubts :p and they are very very helpful. I hadn't used them until then. I zoom the maps all the way out before I start filling them in. You can still see where end cities are when it is all the way zoomed out and you can make sure you don't miss any end cities at all.
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  10. But I have never had to map anything in the game. I dont know how to map anything
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  11. This is how I map the End. (waste) The center is the main island X:0 / Z:0 every square being 500 blocks
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  12. Woah, that's cool!! :o
    Sounds like you have an advantage in my EMC Text Adventure. :D