[Guide] UPDATED Hitchhikers Guide to the End!

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  1. I doubt that very much :p The new end is massively huge. Like the frontier, it just means you have to travel further out to search. When I decided to come back to town, I was about -12000, +11000 out but things looked untouched at about 2500 out.
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  2. Yeah, even the waste end isn't completely plundered. Once you get a good ways out you can find some untouched cities.

    As for the fruit teleporting you into the void(op) it will not. It teleports you to the closest safe block. Apparently end cities arent considered safe as if you are on the very top 50+ blocks away from the ground, it will teleport you all the way to the ground. I haven't tested this yet but I keep a chorus fruit in hand when I'm flying my elytra in case I end up too far from an island to land. The logic seems sound but as stated, I haven't actually had to use the tactic so I cant say that it works lol.
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  3. Oh good to know, I will add that in. I didn't want to test it with a few dragon heads on me :p
  4. I don't have the coords but for SMP8 if you go to /waste center the End Portal is west of there... a tad bit south but mostly west.

    on SMP6 from /waste center you go southwest, if you look at the live map you can tell which way players went.
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  5. how can You find the citys in the end?
    And will the end reset like the waste or no???
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  6. To find the cities you have to explore the island around. To get to different island you have to bridge out there.

    And the waste End will reset just like the frontier.
  7. I believe what he means is the overworld of the waste resets and so will the end. The frontier does not reset, ever. Neither will the end world in the frontier
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  8. Right, my bad. I meant the overworld waste.
  9. thaKLoned thank you.
    and How do I put that orange thing that has other peoples words in there??
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  10. oh no... I skipped 3 elytras because of my ignorance... was loking for a floating ship and skipped all the end cities :(
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  11. The Answer To The Universe Life And Everything. 42.


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  12. Click the Reply button on someone's post or do [quote="Username, post: Postnumber"]. By the way, it's not orange per say, that depends on your theme. It's purple to me.
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  13. The elytras are only inside ship. Aikar may add them to loot chests in the future but as of right now the ships are the only place to get them.
  14. Everyone thought they would be super rare but it seems most people that actually went to look for one got at least one. They are selling for 70k and that should only be less in the future :)
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  15. Exactly. I've only gone out as far as 15k and found about 15 of them so far. Takes awhile but there are many out there.
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  16. I actually expected them to go for 50k-60k fairly quickly. But they might be decreasing in price still.
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  17. Man, I should really visit the End sooner or later........sounds super lit
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  18. Updated this guide and also a chance for anyone who hasn't seen it yet!
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  19. I fight shulkers up close. I don't like using voters gear because I don't like dying. I have a voters bow but somehow I always end up misplacing them so I can only have looting on my sword. For the rooms with a ton of shulkers in them I just let them hit me and stab them on the way up... and usually again on the way back down lol. I have found placing water at the top, once the shulkers have shot me all the way to the top, and using that to get back down at the evil little buggers that are still shooting me. Also if I end up falling because the buff wears off, I can land in water instead of breaking my neck on the purpur bricks. Even with levitate(is that the buff name?) you still go down when in water.
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  20. Awesome guide! This is super useful :) Thanks ThaKloned
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