[Guide] UPDATED Hitchhikers Guide to the End!

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  1. Huge thanks to AlexC__ for the fantastic banner!

    Since EMC has been updated to 1.9 I have been exploring the new End a lot. I thought I would make this guide for other who would like to explore but might not be comfortable in the End or might not know what to expect. This will hopefully help you to safely explore and give you a heads up on what to expect.

    This guide won't be covering how to kill the dragon in order to get one of the new End Gateway portals. As of now all smp's should have some opened.

    I hope you enjoy!

    Table of Contents
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    Big Thanks To
    AlexC__ for the great banner.
    Eviltoade for the video on Ender Portals in the frontiers.
  2. Preparing for the End!

    Recommended items to have in your ender chest:
    (Please not, you do not need to bring all this. Just makes life easier)

    In 1st Shulker Box:
    3 Stacks of Logs & 3 Stacks of Wool (To make additional beds)
    A crafting table
    5-10 Ender chests (In case you don't find any in city raids)
    1-4 Stacks of food (Depends how long you wanna be out there)
    Some arrows (If you have infinity on your bow)

    Stack of Ender pearls
    Extra Silk Touch Pick
    Extra Fully Enchanted Elytra

    In 2nd Shulker Box:
    27 Stacks of Duration 3 Firework Rockets. (These are used to fly around the end)

    25 more shulker boxes to fill your ender chest. These will allow you to stay out in the end longer and gather up more materials!

    Recommended items to have on you:

    Voters armour, pickaxe, sword & bow (If you have. If not some decent god gear/tools)

    1 Arrow (If your bow has infinity)
    1 Fully Enchanted Elytra
    1 Stack of Food
    1 Stack of Duration 3 Firework Rockets
    1 Stack of easily mined blocks (Good for pillaring when in an End City)
    1 Bed
    1 Ender chest

    Optional items:

    Stack of logs to make make chests/signs if you want to secure any items for later pickup.

    Sorgina's Gem Level 3/Lucky Rabbit's Foot (The promo, not the Mob Drop) - For luck on drops

    Silk pick to pick up ender chest.

    If you don't want to risk losing a silk pick to pick up your ender chest then bring the following:
    • A crafting table
    • A stack of Eye of Ender
    When you break the ender chest without silk it will drop 8 pieces of obsidian. Then with the eyes you have, you can remake the chest.

    Before you leave town make sure to put the Eye of Ender's into your ender chest as well as any extra items you don't want to carry. I recommend using voters armour & tools because they are more then enough to handle the End and in case you die, you will not lose them. The voter's sword, pick & bow would be all you need as far as tools IMO.

    The sword would be in case you anger an endermen and want to fight him or in rare instances when you are fighting a Skulker up close. Voter's bow is recommended simply for the Infinity enchantment and soulbound attribute. If you don't have any voter's armour or any of these tools, make sure (at minimum) you have a bow with Unbreaking III & Infinity, a pick with Unbreaking III and armour with Unbreaking III and Projectile Protection. If you really want, you can bring a jack-o-lantern to wear on your head. This will prevent endermen from attacking you if you look at them. But as long as you are careful, you shouldn't need this.

    Ready to go, now what?

    Now you have to get to the End. On EMC most people know where their End Portals are on the different SMPs. If you don't know where it is, just ask around. Once you get to the End you need to look for the End Gateway portal that looks like this:

    This is the End Gateway portal. These appear once the dragon has been killed. Because dragons can now be respawned, it's possible to have multiple portals like this around the main island. Because these portals should be available on all SMPs by now, I won't go over killing the Dragon in this guide. To enter this End Gateway portal, all you need to do is throw an ender pearl into the middle of it. Try to aim directly in the middle so that you don't miss. Once you are through, you are ready to go.

    This area is called the outer islands of the End and is approximately 1,000 blocks away from the main island. Although you can bridge or fly out to these islands from the main island, the portal gets you there much faster. When you exit the End Gateway portal you will see one of the new 1.9 items. The Chorus Plants:

    These plants have 2 main components. The Chorus Flower and the Chorus Fruit. The flower is what you need to plant and grow more. The Chorus Flower is the block that had a white-ish dot in the middle of it. You must break this block separately from the plant in order to harvest it. If you just break the plant itself, it will only drop the fruit and the flower will be destroyed. In order to make blocks from this plant you will need to cook the fruit to make Popped Chorus Fruit. Once cooked they can then be crafted into blocks, slabs, pillars, etc. The fruit can also be eating and will restore approximately 4 hunger and 2.5 hunger saturation. Eating this item will also teleport you to a random location within ±8 blocks on all three axes (X, Y, Z). I don't think it would teleport you over the edge and into the void but not 100% on that.

    *New Jan 8 2019*
    I find that the fastest, easiest and safest way to explore the End in search of End Cities is to use an Elytra and Duration 3 Firework Rockets. It may sound difficult and/or dangerous (sure it can be) but it's actually super easy and safe once you try it a few times and get used to it. Just make sure you have enough rockets on you and mending/unbreaking 3 on your Elytra. Best part is you get to repair as you fight Shulkers!

    To fly around all you have to do is equip the Elytra to the chestpiece slot and jump off a high location. Once you jump, hit the jump button again to glide and then with the rockets in your right hand, you simply right click to 'fire' them and propel yourself forward. You can fly pretty far on 1 fully enchanted Elytra and a stack of rockets. Just remember to keep an eye on your durability so it doesn't break.

    Now that you know how to fly, let's check out the other new additions to the End. End Cities and End Ships!
  3. Time to Raid!

    With 1.9 comes End Cities and End Ships. These are spawned randomly on some of the many outer islands. End Cities are rare and End Ships are even more so. Below are some pictures of different kinds:

    This is an example of what the smaller End Cities look like. They almost never spawn end ships with them.

    This is an example of a much larger End City with multiple towers and potential loot rooms.

    This is what the End Ship looks. It will usually spawn with the larger End Cities but not always. And never in a small End City.

    The bigger cities will obviously have the most loot compared to the small ones. End Ships are also the only place to get a pair of Elytra. Aikar has mentioned that more of them may be added to waste chests using the new loot tables, but as of right now, the ships are the only place to get them.

    Because small End Cities are very basic, I will go into detail about the larger ones only. The small ones usually only have a few rooms and are much smaller and easy to explore.

    In order to find these new cities/ships, you will need to explore the many islands. Because the majority of the islands are too far apart to jump over or even ender pearl, you are going to need to bridge over to them from other islands. This can be one of the most dangerous parts of exploring the new End. The best method would be to face the edge of the island you are trying to leave from and hold down the shift button (crouch) as well as the back button (S key). While doing this you will be placing blocks to form a bridge. What ever you do, do not let go of the shift button or you will fall into the void and die.

    At the entrance of the End City, there will usually be 2 Shulkers mobs hanging on the wall on either side of the entrance. You'll want to kill them off before entering. They are easy to kill from a distance if you use your bow. Just wait for their shell to open and fire away. Shulkers will shoot guided projectiles which follow the player and when they hit you, it will cause you to levitate. This levitation status effect lasts for 10 seconds and you will then fall back to the ground. You can still move side to side, so you want to make sure that you are over solid ground and not the void. If you are wearing voters armour or some enchanted boots with feather falling then you can fall a good distance without dying.

    Once you killed them, lets enter and set up:

    Either using the first or 2nd floor is a good place to set your bed, enderchest, crafting table and locked chest(s) (If you need them). There usually is never any Shulkers here unless they teleported in here while you were fighting them. This will be your temp base of operations in this city. This way if you die, you have all your items here and won't have to travel all the way back!

    The first obstacle you will usually face is the main tower. It will lead to the other towers of the city (if there are any). There are 2 kinds of towers you might see here.

    The first one is a spiral stair case (parkour style) that uses just half slabs as a means to climb up.

    There will usually be a Skulker at the top of this tower hanging upside down (Highlighted in red) There will almost always be one here, so you wanna take that one out first.

    Climb up a few steps to get closer and while holding the crouch button lean into the center and look straight up to see him. Keep firing arrows at him until he is dead. Sometimes you might have to get closer for him to open up. Now from this angle you can't actually see him open his shell but if those particles are being fired, then he is open. Also try to hit those particles to that they don't hit you. If they do hit you and you start to float upwards, you can either get under a step to keep you from going up or use a pearl and throw it at the floor below.

    The second kind of tower is a FAR more difficult parkour type and can be extremely dangerous if not done safely.

    These one's are far more difficult as you must jump onto End Rods as well as slabs. There are also many more Shulkers in these towers which makes them very deadly. To remove the Shulkers in these towers you can use the same strategy as the smaller towers. Once they are dealt with you can safely try to climb the parkour or if you have some blocks you can just pillar up.

    Once you are up that tower and see some openings, you will see this:

    This is one of the potential loot rooms. Once again there is a Skulker guarding this door. If you stay on the steps of the tower and peek over, you should be able to kill him from here. Once he is dead you can head into the room. Just be very careful These rooms can have a few Skulker'sin them or none at all. From my exploring there is usually some there. Best bet is to stay in one corner and pick them off. Now you are in a loot room:

    The reason I said 'potential loot room' earlier is because it will not always look like this. Some times those chests are not there and it's just an empty room.

    There usually is another tower above most loot rooms, but not always. These towers will almost always branch off to smaller rooms that don't usually have anything in them. They look like this:

    This is the entrance to those room and there is usually another Skulker on the wall by the entrance.

    This is the interior of the room. These are always empty.
  4. Ship's Ahoy!

    Finally we have the End Ships. These are always spawned beside the Large End Cities. There is no direct walkway to them. We'll call these the ship Docks. They look like this:

    From here you can either create a bridge to the ship or, at risk of missing, you can ender pearl over to it if you think you can make it. Be careful if you try this method. Sometimes the End Ships are positioned over the void and if you miss, you could end up dying.

    If you are flying around using the Elytra/rockets method, the ship is always the best place to land when you first discover an End City. They are usually far away from the main structure so it's best to get them out of the way.

    For this guide let's just play it safe and make a bridge over. Before you bridge all the way over to the ship you will need to kill the Skulkers that are guarding the ship.

    These 2 Skulkers are always positioned like this. You can either try to kill them from the dock or bridge out a bit closer to the ship and try from there. If you happen to get hit with one of the Skulkers projectiles, you can ender pearl onto the ship.

    Now that they are dead and you are safely on the ship, we can go after the good loot. First we will get the dragon head from the front of the ship. To get it just go down the stairs and past the ship mast:

    Walk past the ship mast and over the wall until you are behind the dragon head. (It's attached to a backwards stair.) Hop down on the blocks behind it and you will want to place blocks under the dragon head so that it doesn't fall below. To do this simply crouch and place 2 blocks, 1 beside the stairs (but below it) and 1 more beside that one:

    Now standing on the first block you placed, you'll want to place 4 more blocks starting under the dragon head:

    Now while standing in front of the dragon head you can place 4 more blocks on the other side:

    Now that you have the floor in place you can safely remove the dragon head and put it in your inventory. Let's move on to the Elytra. Go back past the ships mast and down the stairs in to the hull of the ship:

    There will always be a potion brewer here with 2 Instant Health II potions inside. Always good to have on you just in case.

    Before you head into the hull to get the Elytra, make sure to kill the Skulker that is guarding it:

    Once the Skulker is dead you can claim your Elytra and check out the loot in the 2 chests:

    Once you have the Elytra, Dragon Head and any other loot you found, make your way back to your base setup at the entrance of the City and store your items in your ender chest. If you brought your silk touch pick, then simply pickup your ender chest and other items and return to town or head out to find more cities. If you didn't bring a silk pick, make sure to grab 1 Eye of Ender out of your ender chest before you break it so you can make a new one.

    I hope this has helped you to explore the new End Cities/Ships. Any questions or comments, please post below!
  5. Survival v2.0 Additions!

    With the addition of the Survival v 2.0 Update, the End has a few new additions. They are all not exclusive to the End, just things you may encounter while there.

    New Mobs

    Eyender Wiki Link
    Enraged Shulker Wiki Link
    Enraged Enderman Wiki Link

    New Items

    Shulker Head
    Charged Pearl (long)
    Crystal Pearl
    Enraged Shulker Head
    Fragile Elytra
    Eyender Head
    Ender Blade

    Also if you are looking to make some money, you can sell me your shulker shells and Elytras at my shop on Utopia /v 5006.

    I buy the shells for 1.5k each and Elytras (without enchantments, damaged or clean) for 9k each!
  6. End Portal Locations!

    If you know of any frontier locations for End Portals, please either PM me or post them here and I will add them to the list. If you know of any Waste locations I can add them as well. Just be aware that the wastes get reset and new locations will have to be added.

    Frontier Locations

    Great video by Eviltoade. He walks you through each smp and how to get to each Ender Portal. So thanks to him for that!
  7. Wait I'm confused don't beds blow up in the End if you try to sleep in them?
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  8. Normally yes, but on EMC they do not blow up in the End or in the nether.
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  9. Just some more EMC magic I guess.
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  10. Excellent guide. In my very limited experience, I have only found 1 treasure room per end city. Have you found more than one set of treasure chests in a city?
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  11. Many times yes. I've seen some cities so large that you don't remember which rooms were cleared lol The smaller ones occasionally have nothing in them at all. The large ones will almost always have something.
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  12. Big thanks to AlexC__ for providing the awesome new banner!
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  13. Added a new section. Directions to the Ender Portals. Eviltoade was nice enough to make a video on how to get to each End Portal on the different smp's. Thanks to him for that! These are just for the frontier though.

    If you know of any locations in the wastes, please post them here and I will add them in. :)
  14. Utopia, Waste Center

    Great guide btw :)
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  15. Thanks Stew :) Will add it in.
  16. smp4 waste southeast

    Very nice guide :)
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  17. :p Just a small hint, if anyone goes to the frontier end on utopia, its currently under construction so be careful. Cami,Potato & I have decided to remodel it ( it had huge holes and broken down tracks/houses) to make it more safe & protected when fighting.
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  18. The other day me and Hijaxk were out in the end and we found a huge end city with a end ship to! Hijaxk got the Elytra but I got some dragon heads, which are cool to :p Sadly I never made it back alive but Hijaxk did :3
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    Great post.
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  20. great guide, thx 4 sharing all this info! i might even try a trip myself later to check. or not since theres not that much to gain anymore b/c everything is prob. already raided ^.^ but defo after next reset!
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