[Guide] The Survival Update

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  1. OP is WIP. Read posts by everyone else while I update. :)

    Items will be visible on Widget very soon.
    Post below to add one of Aikar's little... presents... to this list.

    Player Heads
    When you die, sometimes it drops your head.

    Nether Hounds

    A hard to fight ???. Marlix will spawn Enraged Skeletons around himself, as well as shoot at you with a punch V flaming bow. Marlix drops shiny arrows, skeleton heads, Marlix items, and diamonds.

    Marlix items include: ???

    Momentus is a giant zombie. He moves about the same speed as normal zombies, but has the ability to teleport players to himself, and spawn a large amount of Enraged Zombies nearby. He drops shiny zombie flesh and a zombie head.
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  3. I am a mean, cruel and nasty person. :p
  4. If you die, sometimes it drops a head of you
  5. Nether hounds :D
  6. hmm, I wonder if they drop in the nether (heads)
  7. Sometimes, Giants will spawn. Be careful, they suck you in at times and spawn burning enraged zombies. Giants will drop shiny flesh and zombie heads.

    Sometimes, around central spawns, Marlix will spawn. Marlix is hard to fight, and cannot be dealt damage inside Protected Zones. Marlix will spawn Enraged Skeletons around itself, as well as shoot Punch V+ flaming arrows at you. Marlix will drop shiny arrows, skeleton heads, Marlix items, and diamonds
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  9. Yup, heads can be dropped in the nether
  10. I think i have found an enranged skeleton

  11. that looks more like a boss - enraged skeleton should look like a normal skeleton but with glowing red text :3
  12. Nether hound not attacking me for some reason
  13. They are meant to!
  14. They wont attack me either, and were does the Marlix spawn?
  15. The Netherhounds seem to only be able to aggro on 1 person.
  16. Got me some shiny fleshy bits.
  17. The special mobs (including Marlix) currently spawn in the place of any normal mob, as if it were a normal spawn, as long as it's dark. (This means they can spawn anywhere.)
  18. Literally died 50 times.. and still cant bet my head to drop
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  19. It took me about that many deaths to get my head as well. Just keep trying and it should eventually happen. :)