Guess who's back?!

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  1. Many of you may know me, and many of you won't. Some may be happy some maybe not. All you should know is they party is back on over at Smp9.
  2. I know you and i only been here a year :3
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  3. You are the janitor we used to have, right?
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  4. This makes me happy!

    Yes I did take out the trash for a spell.
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  5. Holy bleep.
  6. Deathtomb! I remember you, but do you remember me? Welcome back :) :p
  7. I remember you from the dwight and deathtomb's mob arenas, good times. Anyways, welcome back :) smp9 > other smps
  8. Hey, Death, and welcome back! :D We've missed you here.
    I forgot about those MAs... I still have some of Dwight's Puncakes left over from those. :p
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  9. Welcome back!
  10. Hello. I hope to meet you online some time and get to know you :)
  11. Been long enough :p
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  12. Welcome back! :D
  13. Welcome back to the Empire. :)
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  14. Indeed I do.
    nothing like leftovers!
    Always happy to meet new peeps!
    that it has been, now that i have time to spare again!
    thank you!
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  15. Welcome Back.
    I remember your generosity and your Epic builds.
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  16. Wait, who were you :p
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  17. Welcome back to Empire Minecraft! :)
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  18. Awesome.
    Welcome Back dude!!!
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  19. ... Puncakes... That sounds like something I would make but the reason why has escaped me. Damn my randomness of naming items
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  20. Wow dude, welcome back! It's been so long. I remember that giant network of terraformed residences, sweet looking shops, and clever events! I can't wait to see you around more :D
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