GRIP have a confession to make

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  1. GRIP is actually a profit organization, we take 50% of proceeds for our own self, this is the way I raised money for my ICC eggnog. We have decided enough is enough, we are /by no way/ proud of what we have done and we are most likely going to face a hefty punishment. After ShelLuser won his Community Appreciation award, which one of the main reasons was his work for GRIP, we decided we couldn't live this lie any longer. We got awards for doing bad. It was a shameless act of disgusting nature, I couldn't be more shameful of myself.
    lol jokez
    On behalf of the other members seen here I would like to apoligize. It was a selfless act and I am so terribly sorry for the inconvienience we have caused just to fill our pockets.We honestly have no way
    to apoligise. We did help people with griefing but we had millions of rupees left over, the storage items were used for repairing griefs but the treasury (Including valueables, quartz, obsidian, beacons, enderchests, enchantment tables and promos) was used entirely for self profit.

    On our official threads we titles them Griefed? => Refund Items Project but on the inside our private convo is called Get Rich Items (and) Profit

    We are stopping GRIP entirely and the main thread will be locked and we will send Krysyy this message, its time we faced the punishment we deserve. We are extremely sorry.
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  2. Cough, Highlighted the "lol jokez part"
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  3. This is a joke? This is the one you offered to me?
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  4. This place is turning straight hood lately! Hacking events and robbing charities, feels just like Im home in Detroit!
  5. Permabans shall be issued. >:E
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  6. This is noot a confession, you need to get some noots.

    Noot Noot.
  7. I understand the intention of your post, but am not sure you meant to use these exact words. Depends on whether you were trying to be ambiguous or not, I suppose.
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  8. are u serious?! this better be a very large and late April fools! I am stunned tho...
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  9. Didn't get me... ShelLuser would never do such a thing. Nor would GRIPCEO.
  10. Its not an April fools :)
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  11. If This is real this would be the biggest scam on emc to date.
  12. Wait so is this a joke? Or no? I'm so confused...
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  13. Calm down everyone. If they're taking 50% it just means we should donate twice as much.
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  14. I like eggnog too.
  15. Griefed Refund Items Project, Get Rich Items Profit... either way you guys really lack creativity when it comes to choosing names.
  16. D= A griefing organization turned into profit? :( This is sad to hear.
  17. Bump for the truth that this thread is a joke
  18. alright fine i get it, ill donate more then