Griefing today March 15

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  1. I need to report griefing on smp7 in Wild North. Our train rails are missing and so are torches and husge holes in the ground. I can't file a report because I don't know who to report and I can't find anyone online.
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  2. What you need to do is pm a staff member to look into it. Preferably in game.
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  3. In game type /staff, then find out which smp they are on, jump to that one (if different from your own) and PM them in game.
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  4. Well if nobody is online, pm Aikar and a few other staff members. That'll be your best bet. :) Sorry you have been griefed. Just don't forget to check the box that allows people to invite others into the private messages.
  5. I would not advice this. PMing Aikar should only be in regards to bug, glitches etc. It's always better to PM a staff member in game.
  6. Hello, I am sorry to hear about what happened. If you like you can PM me to let me know damages, maybe I can help.

    Notify staff first, let them see the damage first before you plug a single hole. but let me know when you are ready and I will help.
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  7. Sorry 'bout that. First name that came to mind. Still waking up lol. Good luck to you Tbird.
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  8. Not an issue :) And not that he doesn't care, it's just that he deals with the big issues and the staff are more then capable to handle this stuff :p

    Also as Acemox2k mentioned, it's very important to not fix anything until staff have given the OK. If you fix it all up then they can only see that you placed the items back and not who took them (as far as I know).
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  9. Thanks!
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  10. If you need not staff help I am a Private Investigator and may be able to figure out who did this so you can give a staff an idea of the situation. I can also help find means and motive.
  11. Only Seffychan is online for Tree Choppers in Utopia and she can't leave
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  12. This guy....
  13. Pm a staff here on the forums.
  14. How do you pm on the forums?
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  15. Scroll down to the online staff section, click a staff's profile, then click the "start a conversation" button.
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  16. Most of it has been said already, I'm merely repeating the whole thing to give you a good summary (this might also help other players out):
    • Do NOT start rebuilding or replacing things just yet, get staff involved!
      • Use /staff in game, go to their server (using the /smp# command, # is a number between 1 to 9 or Utopia) and explain the situation. Be patient! Staff has a lot of things to do so it might take them some time before they can help you.
      • (edit): Even if there is an event going on: PM staff! Maybe they can't leave (you don't know) but they can warn other staff. Sometimes even staff members who might be invisible.
    • When no staff is present use these forums. Go to the main page, scroll down, look at the column on the right. It lists online staff members (no one right now). If there is: click on their name then use "start conversation".
    • When no staff is online on the forums then use the staff overview: Select a moderator, click their name, and use "start conversation".
      • (Warning: ShellBias!!): Personal favorites: ElfinPineapple, Baradar, Evilroade, BurgerKnight, DarkModRises.
      • Disclaimer: this is mainly based on personal experiences and meet ups with them, nothing more or less.
    • Do NOT bother Aikar with all this!
    FInally... Get us involved: GRIP:

    We can most likely refund plenty of your items. Hope this helps too.
  17. Issue has been resolved!