Griefing in the Wastelands

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  1. Hello there,
    I enjoy building a bit in the wastelands. It is mostly an outpost so I have food and safety when I am getting my resources. I open up everything I have to anyone who wants to use it. But I keep getting griefed. At first, I just built it back, but it is becoming a daily occurrence and it is incredibly saddening to myself and the large group of other players who join me a lot at the outpost.

    I understand that the frontier is for grief-free building, but it is still against the rules to grief in the wastelands, am I not right?

    I attached several files of signs they left (plus responses from other players) after they griefed.

    What should I do??

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  2. PM a staff member and have them see who placed the signs and who griefed too
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  3. the /wild is the best place to build an outpost as the waste gets reset at least at every major update.
  4. Lol or you can spy on them you can crouch and hide till some1 grefs you I'll go with you incase you got to go msg me I'll be on smp8 then we can go and spy ok and we can report them and they will get permanent banned in the morning
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  5. I will preface this with two statements:

    1. The signs in question were placed by me. Passive-aggressive, maybe, but I felt the message needed to come from someone.
    2. No, I am not a griefer. I have not destroyed anything he's built (not intentionally, I did have a creeper blow up near me on the road but the section destroyed was quite small and he'd already repaired it by the time I got back to it). I also have not stolen anything from him.

    That being said, I visited AboveAnF's buildings in the wastelands and he really did do an incredible job. The structures alone are amazing and he has every right to be very proud of what he's accomplished.

    My only criticism is that he has claimed a very, very large area just northeast of the Center outpost as "his". This means that anyone who is unwilling or unable to venture further than seeing distance from the outpost, for whatever reason (perhaps people who may be new and don't know about the other outposts or don't know how to get to them) are pretty much screwed out of being able to farm resources in a "safer" location. Currently in order to get to the forest you have to use his walkway (I don't suggest leaving it, there are very deep holes that'll sneak up on you) and go all the way through the area that he has claimed (and it's fairly large, plus I'm noticing new buildings cropping up daily) just to see your first trees. And then you have to go further beyond that out of fear that if you cut down trees too close to his claimed area he'll report you for griefing him. He has a room of chests filled with stuff and signs defending his right to have all of these things stored by saying griefing and stealing isn't allowed. He also has a wheat farm, cows, sheep and chickens. I've not yet seen pigs, but they're probably around somewhere.

    I don't begrudge anyone the right to build anywhere they choose, but I do feel that a structure and "claimed" area of that magnitude with the fear of being banned if you so much as open a chest looming over your head should not be allowed so close to a protected area, especially since he's claimed such a large amount of resources as "his". This will likely be an unpopular opinion, but it is my opinion and I feel I have a right to voice it.

    Please note that regardless of the responses I get either here or ingame, whether they be negative or positive, I will never grief, steal or destroy anything anyone has farmed or created.
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  6. I like your skin and your grammar
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  7. Thank you kindly. I like your little piggy :)
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  8. My base was griefed the other other night. As soon as I logged on and saw what happened I immediately started a conversation with Chickeneer. 15 minutes later the case had been "resolved" and most of the stuff that had been stolen from me was returned. They have ways of catching griefers but you have to report it.

    Also, if someone was leaving signs with nasty messages at my base, I would report them. They may not get banned, but I'm sure that the mods would have a little talk with them.
  10. If you were a ways out in the Frontier, anyone who has been around for long can tell you that I have been pretty militant about this sort of thing and probably would advise you to stand your ground, report away, and let heads roll.

    Where you have built though is going to be nothing but a source of heartbreak and stress for you regardless of whether you report anyone, and whether anyone is actually caught or punished.

    It's tough on you and your friends. It's tough on the mods. The best you can hope for is to get an endless string of people in trouble. There is no guarantee that it will put anything back in a chest or undo any damage that was done.

    It is like an eye for an eye. You get your revenge but you'll never get your eye back. I think it would be in your best interest to strip that place down and move to a secluded part of the Frontier where you can expect to build in peace and anyone bothering you will be putting themselves in a situation where they will be providing the mods with an easy decision.
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  11. I understand what you're saying but a griefer is a griefer, whether they're doing it in the frontier or the wastelands. If you don't catch them there, in the wastelands, they'll just move on and grief someone else somewhere else. His location may not be ideal but that's not an excuse. He shouldn't have to move his base. He's the good guy and the griefers are the bad guys. If he's willing to stand his ground, I say more power to him. Any time you get griefed, send me a pm and I'll come help you rebuild.

    As far as the mods go, it's their job to catch griefers. If they catch a string of them because of this base, I say hurray! I'm not sure exactly how they do it but Chickeneer was awesome! It didn't seem like it was that hard for him to catch my griefer.

    By keeping his base there and reporting the griefers, he's making EMC a better place for all of us!
  13. madinno's statement is true in that they placed the signs but did not do any griefing.

    You are right, griefing a structure in the wastelands is not allowed and punishable, but there is no such concept of "claimed land" in the wastelands.

    Players could dig out all of the dirt or sand around a structure, and level every tree if they want to, to collect resources, leaving the structure floating in the air if they must.

    There is absolutely no concept of "this area is being built upon, mine elsewhere" in the Wastelands, so as long as your not clearly breaking a block someone else placed as part of a structure (regardless of how bad of an idea that is, due to short-notice resets), then you're free to farm an area of the wastelands.

    AboveAnF, You're welcome to continue building there, but I do need to warn you that we reset the wastelands with very little warning (at most 2-3 days~ notice, or 1 day notice for major version updates).

    This could leave you potentially losing everything with no chance to collect it if you're away for a few days.

    The Frontier and Town are the only worlds we promise a no reset policy on.

    The risk is up to you :)
  14. My only concern is that with as large as his "compound" has become, if someone were to dig everything out from under it, can he claim that he placed that dirt/sand/gravel/stone/whatever there himself and therefore claim he was "griefed"? And how do we know if he really has or not? I guess my main point was that building and "claiming" a piece of land in the Wastelands is simply unfair to people who need/wish to farm, especially if he's going to put up signs everywhere warning people that he'll report them if so much as a block is out of place. I get that he wants to build in a survival setting, but I feel he should be encouraged to move to the Frontier, since that is what the Frontier is for.
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  15. I like to build outposts, for myself & anyone else who wanders upon them in need. I also like to partake in a bit of survival playing from time to time. I know that the frontier is the best place for building structures & playing survival mode - but - the waste is where you gather resources. So my question is... can you mine/farm/cut down trees in the frontier, too, or is that only for building? I was sticking to the waste because I do mine a lot, and I didn't think we were supposed to in the frontier now? I can't really play survival in the frontier if I can't gather resources there, too. Can someone clarify for me - thanks.
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  16. If you go out and make yourself an outpost, you are free to mine in your area and cut trees down as you please. We just don't want to encourage massive deforestation and don't want the Frontier being used for purely resource gathering. The wastelands were created to keep the Frontier from being reset, not as the only place you can mine.:)
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  17. Seems you have a problem of "perception". Is there any sign written in a pristinely "perfect" way that won't offend you ? My intuition says probably not. It's not up to the owner/builder to create perfect signs. Don't think it can be done to satisfy everyone on the server.

    If you don't like the signs or the settlement, you don't have to stay there. You're free to go elsewhere.

    And I doubt he/she claimed the "entire territory".
    That's just silly.

    Again, if you don't like the place, the establishment, you should move on and go elsewhere.
    Even make your own establishment where you can visit regularly.

    Having a sign "you don't like" isn't a reason to grief,
    and you WILL be banned. End of Story.

    Good luck with your Adventures.

  18. Um, why did you say that? She clearly said that she would never grief.

    I think you're great, madinno :)
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  19. But she said she didn't grief.
  20. If I build an outpost in the waste it is a rough dirt/cobblestone shack with just the basics, and now I leave a sign when I'm finished saying anyone can take stuff from chests etc. Surely investing any more time than that in the waste is just a *waste* ( :p ) of time?

    Roads and bridges to get to biomes faster are great though, I really appreciate people building those :D
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