Griefers : The Terrorists of MineCraft.

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  1. Yup, you saw the title.


    These destroying terrorists have plagued the world of MineCraftia even since Multiplayer came, and they still are here.
    They are even on this server, and that really is bad, since it's one of MC's best servers ever.
    We all hate them, and we want to stop them.
    But the big question is: How?
    They have surely destroyed lots of stuff, and they will keep doing it if we don't stop them.
    I want people to stop these Big Terrorists.
    If you have any good ideas on how to stop them, post it here!
    But, not everyone want to share their ideas to others without some kind of payment.
    So I want to encourage people to do it.
    If you post a great idea here, and it's very good, and lots of people likes and use it, you will get a reward!!!
    But I also really want people to clean the Empire of these terrorists, even more than I want ideas on how to stop them.
    If you get a griefer/robber banned, then you will get a reward.
    The reward you get depends on how much the terrorist robbed/griefed, and how fast you could get him.
    If you get a griefer banned that have griefed a group, that is very good! (A good chance for you guys, T.E.S members :)).
    Also, screenshots of the damage, the griefer griefing, and him/her getting banned raises the chance of getting a good reward.
    Any idea posted in this thread will get a place on this post, based on how good it is, it might get on The Hall Of Fame :)


    Rewards for Ideas:
    1 or 2 stacks of Cobble/Stone/Bricks
    Coal/Coal Ore
    Iron Ore/Irom Ingot
    Gold Ingot/Gold Block/Gold Ore

    Rewards for getting Griefer banned:
    Gold Block/Gold Ore
    Redstone Dust/Redstone Ore
    Lapis Lazuli Dye/Lapis Lazuli Block/Lapis Lazuli Ore
    Diamond/Diamond Ore

    "Rewards may change depending on if anyone donate or if we mine, or if too many people get rewards."

    Rewards are closed, sorry :(

    "Honeypot Blocks Plugin" - Spenser6
    "Arena Server where Griefers come" - eh180
    "Claiming Land" - Copherfield

    Hall Of Fame Ideas:

    Griefer Busters:

    Hall Of Fame Griefer busters:

    To get on any Hall Of Fame, you're idea/busting must be very good.
    For ideas, it has to be a really good one, that many people likes, and hopefully use :)
    For Grief Busters, you have to bust a really griefing griefer.
    If it is a band of people, that's a good way to get on it :)

    Hopefully this will help a lot of people, this thread is supposed to help defend against, catch and find griefers, I really hope this thread helps everyone, especially all those Wild Groups out there :)
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  2. I hope this will help everyone defend against those guys we call Griefers :)
  3. Send the special forces to their homes with guns and tanks and everything.

    I wouldn't call them terrorist. Everyone knows terrorists are people who share movies. I think they're vandals, and should go to jail like vandals do.
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  4. :p
    I didn't know terrorists shared movies =P
    Anyway, to bad the first post in here (except mine) wasn't really related to this :(
  5. What if we set up a in server system where when someone was found griefing it put them in a database of sorts , then if/when they were allowed on the automatically were banned from getting perms from anyone except mods and admins?
    It doesn't stop them the first time but it prevents them from doing it again at least.
    Just a thought :D
  6. That surely would work good in Town, but remember Wilderness.
    I guess that if that database thing made so that they can't build/destroy in Wild or nether, it would be very good =)
  7. I think what would be good was If you could get an area 10x10x10 where when A block is mined in that area there Is a log about it and It puts the Id of it too and It only loggs 1 in every 2-3 blocks destroyed so it wont fill the server with logs but this would make lagg but like the rupee system It wont affect it too much.

    and you could make it you can only have 2 of those areas each and they can over lap others :)

    I hope people Like this idea I think its good but I want to know what others think :)
  8. Picture says it all.
  9. One of the problems with griefing is that although nothing is safe in the wilderness, people still think it is allowed to grief in the wilderness because there are no protections there. -_-
    Read the Guide. It's in there, we SWEAR.
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  10. Agree.
    That's the reasons why many of the griefers we have grief =/
  11. Yes but ther
    True but there is a way to fix this .
    There is a plugin called honeypot blocks
    This plugin allows player or admins to place blocks ( or it can be set for all players who place blocks) are logged and set under that players name, and when the block is destroyed it logs who did it.
    This would COMPLETELY solve problems with banning griefers because it would log who destroyed what block and how. We would never have to worry about unfair banning and players could not deny that they didn't grief because we would have a log of it.
    Players also wouldn't have to worry about taking pictures and getting proof of griefers doing stuff because, again we would have a log.
  12. If it can be set for certain players i think it would be a really good addition to gold/diamond supporters
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  13. Great idea!!!
    Added to list =3
  14. I dont like the whole reward system to be honest..

    There is a reason why the military doesn't get pay pr. shot fired or pr. person killed :D
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  15. I can assure you that we are monitoring all reported activity and trying our best to remove any problem players we have. Unfortunately there will always be a minority of players that seem to think it's ok to destroy other players creations.

    We...are...watching. :)
  16. lol, but still can do almost nothing about griefing. you'd better catch 'em up close, and you better have some pretty good pictures of it, or you won't be able to prove your case even then. Even GKJeremy has posted that theres not much that can be done about /reports for "griefing"

    and there are some good griefers out there. Watch out. From what I've seen, the good ones are smart enough to look out for you, and smart enough not to chat at you if you do catch them, leading to a complainant not being able to produce enough evidence on it. Griefers suck, and the real jerks just get away with it.
  17. It's made to encourage people to stop Griefing :)
  18. I think one good way would be the Monitor mod
    Idont know if there's one for 1.2.3 but ther wúsed to b 1.8 but then i stopped following.
    It basicalyy consists on cameras and monmitors that we could alter to have a memory
  19. Exactly! Somebody burn't mine and Soul's room in the base, took our beds and replaced them to trick us into when we die we will just spawn back in!
  20. That's a Client Mod, and also, it would require the staff to put cameras exactly everywhere....