Griefed again!! How do I report it?

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  1. Our outpost has been griefed once again, I don't know what to do. I have reported this in game before but sadly I have been told grief detection is not as simple as I had thought it should be. It makes me sick to my stomach to see our stuff broken into and someone steal diamonds from us. Yes I know, the diamonds should have been locked in our locked chests, it was an over sight. But we forgot to remove them from the sorter and now they are gone. Griefing does not cause me to want to play Minecraft.

    And yes I know our outpost is not 10,000 blocks away from a teleporter. We had too much invested when we read about the "wild protection" plans. But seriously, if we have to be that far away, to keep out build safe, that is takes 30 to 40 mins to travel there I would rather be doing something else. I know Wild teleporters will never happen, but that would make travelling out 10,000 blocks so much nicer and safer instead of travelling through the Nether.

    I don't understand why people can't leave stuff alone... If there is a wall all the way around, from the ocean floor to above the water surface, maybe someones doesn't want people in there. But sadly people are people and they have to know what is going on in there so they break in... The wild is not town for you to explore people's outposts. I don't walk into your home in real life, so why do so in game. I just want our creations to be safe.

    EDIT: Killeddallos just informed 96talon and I that the diamonds were put into our lock chests. (03-11-2014, 8:45 AM EST)
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  2. I hate griefers so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much. they are horrible. why would you want to profit from somebody else's misfortunes.... it is sick. The griefing on the empire is getting out of hand. It's impossible to stop, but if you see someone on the empire with griefer in their name or with a griefer skin, dont even talk to them.
  3. I understand your feelings. I have had my outposts broken into and griefed. Many of the players on this server have experienced this here and on other servers that they have played on.

    Please report in as much detail as possible, the location and approximate time that this happened, and staff takes the reports to heart. EMC takes LOTS of steps to avoid this, but it is a very difficult thing to manage. Staff takes steps daily to follow up on reports and review and ban. They ban people every day, but new people join every day, and they are not banned until/unless they do something wrong. Most don't behave badly, it's just a small percentage that make it hard for everyone. It is much easier to destroy than it is to build I have found in life in general. I wish that it wasn't so tempting for people to destroy stuff.

    There is a system in progress to resolve the distance and protection issues you are experiencing, and for most, it can't come soon enough. The anti grief system that EMC currently uses is complex and custom based on the needs of our community, without driving good new people away by limiting everything everyone does. This balance has the downside that you are hating at the moment.

    Don't give up on your project. Let me know if I can help. We are open to suggestions on how to better protect players creations, and we all need a moment to rant when someone tampers with our stuff.
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  4. What's a griefer skin??
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  5. Thanks for the reply and thank you for the information. I took a couple screen shoots where they broke in and we have locked chests in that area so our base should be easy for you guys to find. KilledDallos, 96talon and I have (and have had) locked chests there on smp6.

    We were hoping our base could be included in the protection plan. We figured that it would safe (ish) if we built it out in the middle of the ocean. We built it from the ocean floor up and it was fun to work on the ocean floor, that was a first for me. Then 3 weeks later the Wild Protection thread started and we found out we were way too close to be included.
  6. Thank you ninjaboy for your offer. I fixed the broken wall and the subway exit, the damage was minimal. And I just found out (from Killeddallos) that the diamonds were not stolen! I will edit my post above. So it seems they just broke in, checked the place out and took our subway for a joy ride, then broke out of the exit, 'cause that is the only way out.
  7. First of all, make sure you were actually grieffed before making a thread. sounds like someone just misplaced the diamonds.

    Second, some people just like to check out others creations. So make an entrance that is easy to access so they don't have to break in.
  8. I also don't understand why people do things like that. Also, wild teleporting will technically be possible, using dragon tombs and stuff.
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  9. Ummm... No one is required to make an entrance that is easy to access in order to avoid grief. I am glad to hear that it is not as bad as you thought. It's not always easy to keep track of what everyone in the group is doing and it's normal to feel concern about everything when part of your place has been messed with.
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  10. Griefing is not just theft, it is also destroying structures. So the holes this person punched through our walls is considered GRIEFING. By the very fact there is not an easy access is the first clue that our build is not for other people. The only way in is by removing blocks.

    I really wish I could trust everyone not to break it and steal but that is not reality. Minecraft is huge, these people need somewhere else to go.
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  11. That's not nice.... To me
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  12. Thanks Just Five Fun for your Concern on our Outpost as well as your concern for all others who put plenty of effort into the game. I had been frequenting the Outpost however Life gets in the way and I went thru a stint of 2 weeks where i was not out there. In that time the Griefing happened.. While it seems to be a minor Incident and we are fortunate the damage wasn't worse, Its still sickening to think all your effort can be destroyed by one bad egg. I will be taking extra care in watching the outpost now. Once again, Thank your for taking the time to look into this.
  13. Griefers get what they deserve...... Getting Banned for Griefing is perfectly fine with me.....
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  14. That's right. Getting banned for griefing and be ignored because you chose a poor name/have a weird skin are two completely different things though.
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  15. Like I said. Make an easy to access entrance. don't be so anti social.
  16. What's wrong with having it private? If i mine 5,000 diamonds, does it make it everyone else's to have also? No. didn't think so.
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  17. wondering what all the griefer skins are :/ ˜_˜
    i guess a few are a bit obvious though

    I agree with u though i mean i've seen some off the greatest places get taken down by griefers ... and all you can do to stop them is traps which can get you banned since they can report you and say you wanted to troll someone... that's what I think would happen :/
  18. Easy solution: use /report example " /report base got grief " at location of the base and a staff member will claim the report as soon as they see it. If this case hasn't been handle yet start a convo. with and we will go from there.
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  19. There are some of us who want small, private outposts because it's just a small group of friends/we can get away from town every now and then/enjoy it more than town etc. Many of us put walls around them so we can keep mobs out and so that people know "Ok, this is owned, I have to go 3K out and make my own place." as stated in the Outpost thread.

    BUT as for "easy access", the LLO on SMP7 is WIDE OPEN and huge because everyone and their aunt Sally who plays on EMC has been a member at one time or another and built about 40 buildings each it seems like. That'd didn't stop griefers. My house was burned down numerous times and then when I moved, that place had all the stone mined out of it, another that was made of glass, looked like it had been TNT'd to pieces. We were all more than happy to allow visitors and even were more than happy for people to come visit, check it out whatever. But 9 times out of 10 it was griefed. Pazzo on SMP9 we had a wall around part of the area and had doors leading inside every so many blocks so people could come in and out. I was always having to repair the wall where griefers had busted through.
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