[Grief Party] HourGlass Hotel

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by SteamingFire, Aug 13, 2015.

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  1. Event Type: Grief Party

    Event Description: Grief party on both of my res's. See the Event Locations section for in-depth details of the res's. And feel free to visit the areas ahead of time to see what there is to take.

    Bring silk touch tools (pickaxe, axe, and shears) and buckets.
    Mostly stone, glass, glass panes, and lava. Lots of all of those.
    Also prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, and sea lanterns if you decide to visit my already-emptied storage.
    Also redstone lamps, redstone... uh everything-redstone if you take a trip to my Rave for Rent area. And black and red wool. And white glass.

    All residents from my hotel have been cleared out, all other people's stuff returned to those other people, all wanted items returned, etc etc. Some residents decided to just leave their room as is, so the only thing I've cleared are signs with their names to protect their privacy. That also means some rooms are furnished. And some rooms were vacant and are pre-furnished.
    All chests inside the rave kitchen/bar were given access to everyone prior to this forum announcement so food is gone--just water bottles left.
    All heads from the head display room thing have been cleaned out, but there's still lots of lava to take. If you prefer to take it. I'm guessing some people might just staunch the flow using dirt blocks instead of bringing buckets.
    The surface of my 2nd res looks quite empty, but there's a slight few items you can take from there if you want.

    After the res's have been thoroughly griefed, I will unclaim these res's and take my leave.

    Event Time/Date:
    August 15th, 2015
    Starting time: 4pm
    Ending time: Whenever both res's are thoroughly griefed and when I decide it's time to /unclaim them.

    These dates/times are in EMC time, which can be checked via the command /time in-game. EMC time is EST time.

    Event Locations: smp8

    /v SteamingFire
    (info: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/service-hourglass-hotel.52722/
    info: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/service-rave-for-rent-sfe.54096/)

    /v SteamingFire 2 heads
    (info: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/endermens-folly.53040/)
    You can take from the surface of the res, too, but there's not much there.
  2. wait, so ur leaving emc?
  3. He never said that, just getting rid of his hotel.
  4. No, actually, i'm leaving MineCraft in general.
    A stressful year of college is going to start soon and MineCraft isn't really my go-to game. Plus maintaining my hotel takes a lot of time so when I *am* online, I'm servicing people, and although I do enjoy doing that, I won't have the time to do quality service in about two weeks.
    So I am pretty much going to be very, very inactive on EMC.
    Won't be claiming a res for awhile, probably. Might hop on to get promos to stash into my vaults or to chat or to check out players' builds.

    So in short, yes, I'm leaving but will pop in once in awhile and yes, EMC is still the best server ever.
  5. Sorry to anyone who was waiting around 4;
    Some last-minute appointments and chores happened.
    And then my computer wouldn't work.

    So anyway,
    I'm rescheduling it to 9pm EST today--hope this doesn't inconveniece anyone!
  6. Starting in 2 minutes.
    Bring silk touch tools.
  7. It was an awesome hotel, very well built.
  8. lol thanks :3

    Grief party for both res's are over now and both have been unclaimed (and one has been claimed by someone else to make a memorial for my hotel :confused:) so i'm requesting this thread be closed now :3
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