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    Welcome to the
    HourGlass Hotel! (/v +hgh, /v +hh, /v +hourglass or /v SteamingFire) located on smp8.

    This is a one-time payment hotel, more for the convenience of others than for personal profit. This hotel features 13 room-floors with 8 rooms on each floor(excluding floor G, which is the center and a "penthouse" for my Head Supplier).

    On the lobby floor you will find 3 pools (fishing, swimming, and rejuvenating), as well a front desk, cafe with free food (3 items total per day) and teleport pads to each hotel floor, and an item retrieval room should you not log into EMC for 14 days straight after purchasing a room.

    The exterior of the hotel is still being decorated but currently holds a memorial/gazebo for codygraw101 (Head Supplier) and Fishcat (Head Security) as well as a miniature fountain and a little Cupid's pen. Plans for a clock with a clock-themed song above the hotel are underway.

    Should we both be online and you want a room, I will walk you through the rules and you needn't worry yourself with the rest of this thread. Should we not be online at the same time, however, rules are posted on this thread and you may leave an unsigned book and quill with your name and room request in the hoppers at the front desk (or reply to this thread with a room # request). Rooms are first-come first-served. I do reservations, but I will not do infinite reservations. Reservations go under the honor code--you will honor your promise to save up money fast enough to not inconvenience the next person who might have their eye on your room.

    Rules/Guidelines of the HourGlass Hotel:

    1) Your rooms are fully customizable. The only things you are not allowed to change are the walls, floor, and ceiling. This is because they are all part of someone else's room and changing these will affect the overall look of the hotel.
    2) You may have 1 armor stand and 1 pet per room. This is so as many people as possible can have what they want as per the /entc count. Dogs and cats must be sitting. Chickens must be cooped up and have hoppers to catch their eggs. Other animals must be penned up. If you want to milk your cow, I'll have to be there because of the +bucket flag need.
    3) You may not have crops. This is because you'd need +build to harvest them, which I will not leave on for anyone permanently. You only get +build and +container and other necessary flags while building while someone is watching you build.
    4) If you want to place water or lava, there must be at least a slab underneath the liquid so that it does not drip into the room of the person below you. This also applies to Floor A.
    5) You may not have functioning redstone or automatic dispensers. Buttons are allowed for semi-automatic things such as dispenser-refrigerators. Redstone lamps are allowed.
    6) I only supply signs, chests, furnaces, beds, and carpet of all colors. Do not ask me to supply you with anything else--you must bring your own materials to customize your room. Any materials borrowed from the room/me are to be returned to me after you finish decorating.
    7) After the initial purchase date, you are allowed to ask me for flags to update/upgrade your room as many times as you want, but please be considerate. Do not ask me every day to add something small to your room. New residents have a higher priority.
    8) You are allowed to move rooms, but each room is priced differently. Moving rooms costs 50r (stacks per each move, e.g. if you move twice, moving fee will be 100r). If you downgrade, I will return to you the difference between the cost of your original room and your new room (minus the moving fee). If you upgrade, you must pay me the difference between your original room and your new room (plus the moving fee).
    9) You may have multiple rooms, but please be considerate of others and not hog every room. Having adjacent rooms does not mean you're allowed to knock down walls.
    10) Do not ask for +enderpearl. Only my Head Supplier has +enderpearl.
    11) There is +firework flag for everyone, but please do not disrupt your fellow residents with explosive spamming. There is also +use for everyone, but please do not go around flipping levers in others' rooms.
    12) Please do not hold drop parties at my hotel. There is no room to hold drop parties there. If you want to hold a very small one inside your own personal room, that is fine.
    13) There are signs in front of the cafeteria food shops that say "Three total items per day." A day is a real-time day, not a MineCraft day. If you cannot abide to the limit of free breakfast, then I will enforce the written rules (res ban and stripping of your room(s) without warning or refund).
    14) Feel free to ride the semi-random minecarts in the cafeteria as much as you want. Please push the minecarts back onto the powered rails when done for the next person to readily use.
    15) Please do not abuse Cupid. You may feed him carrots if you want.
    16) I reserve the right to kick you out of your room without warning or refund, with or without putting your items in the Item Retrieval Room if I get constant complaints about you. Please be respectful of your hotel neighbors.
    17) Each room is one-time payment, but you will go "derelict" if you do not log into EMC for 14 days straight. In this case, I will move your items into the Item Retrieval Room on the Lobby floor where you may pick up your items. If you do not pick up your items within 15 days after the items are put in the chests, I will assume you are not coming back to EMC and will take your items for my own personal usage. Please do not come back after e.g. 100 days and ask me to return your hotel items--I will not, nor will I record who has lost what. If you feel like you will not be able to log in once every 14 days, do not use my hotel.
    18) If you are banned from EMC for any reason for any length of time after your room purchase, I will remove your room without warning or refund, without placing the items into the Item Retrieval Room under the assumption that you will never return. So, don't get banned =P
    19) Since I am but one person and I give +build and +container perms for people to decorate, I can only service one person a time (sometimes 2 when Head Security is online). As such, please be patient, form a line, feel free to roam and wander while the person before you decors, and do not swear or curse at how long my procedure takes. You will have a more pleasant time waiting in the hotel if you form an idea of what you want to build. Also, don't ask for a job at the hotel--you won't get paid. No one does ^^

    Special Thanks to:
    codygraw101 -- Head Supplier, for supplying me with anything and everything I needed whenever I asked, without fail and mostly without complaint.
    Fishcat -- Head Security, for willingly helping me service 2 people at once and making those she watch feel comfortable.
    Everyone else who contributed with supplies, requested tours, support, and anything else -- Thank you!

    This thread will be updated whenever I feel like something shall be added.

    Enjoy the Hotel!
    /v +hgh, /v +hh, /v +hourglass or /v SteamingFire on smp8
  2. Currently Vacant/Open rooms:

    Floor A:
    Room 5

    Floor B:
    Rooms 5

    Floor C:
    Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8

    Floor D:
    Rooms 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8

    Floor E:
    Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8

    Floor F:
    Rooms 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    Floor G (center):

    Floor H:
    Rooms 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    Floor I:
    Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    Floor J:
    Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8

    Floor K:
    Rooms 1, 3, 5, 7

    Floor L:
    Room 1

    Floor M:
    Room 5
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  3. You are welcome to stop by to tour anytime!
    This hotel functions well as a cross-server storage customized to your own taste!
    One-time payment means you don't ever have to worry about losing your stuff--so long as you stay active in EMC and don't get banned!
    This hotel is for you, not for me.
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  4. This is an amazing hotel! You can make your room look like whatever you want! It's a great place to hang with your EMC friends and community!
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  5. I absolutely love this hotel. A big reason might be because I supplied most of it :p
  6. #request Floor M, Room 7
  7. I don't know what you are talking about :rolleyes:
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  8. Reserved it for you.
    When we're both online we can do the decoring and payment :3
  9. When do I get my room?
  10. When do I get my room?
  11. As soon as we're both online.
    Don't worry, the room is already as good as "yours".
  12. Thanks so much I can be on tomorrow sorry I can not play today
  13. That's fine. A few days of reservation isn't pushing it at all.
  14. Rooms are filling up quite well ^^
    Floors A and M are disappearing faster than the others--the largest rooms!

    ^ That's for everyone not living on smp8, as this is intended to be a cross-server hotel :)
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  15. Floor A is filled!
    Come join your neighbors, peoplez :3
  16. can i get room m5 please that 1000r
  17. This request has been fulfilled.
  18. Floor A has been filled :3
    Won't be too long before Floor M is filled, too--then Floors B and L, etc... xD
  19. Still very highly open to anyone that needs a place to stay on smp8 :3
  20. Got nothing interesting to say so

    bump =P
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