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  1. Rave closed!
    Leaving EMC for real life stuff.
    Please check the "[Service] HourGlass Hotel" thread if you have a room in my hotel.
    Sorry for any inconveniences.

    A rave's open! And it's open for rent!
    Want Spontaneous Parties? Check out post #15

    Here's a few of the things the rave includes:

    A dance floor (with a ceiling you can go onto and stare down [or up] if you want =P) The lights are automated once you put a disc inside the jukebox.

    Bedrooms with chests for everyone. There's signs in front of the bedroom room explaining how to get your own personal chests. And there's multiple bedrooms, of course :3

    A very random playroom thing that includes a mini trampoline, mini sandbox area, mini roller coaster, and some random rails.

    A cafeteria with a Cookie Corner and Kitchen xD
    Prices for items change depending on the Package you order when renting.

    And a lounge, of course. 'cause you gotta rest from all that drinking while still being able to interact with your buddies in a totally non-romantic way =P

    There's lots more, like a hidden room you can sneak away to if you don't like parties, but I can't (or won't) show everything here. Come visit my first res if you want to see (though you might have to PM me to find the hidden entrance).

    Rave is located on smp8 res 16552 (my first res). Yeah, it's a hotel residence--the rave is underneath the hotel, enterable via a hidden entrance. Music from the rave cannot be heard inside the hotel and vice versa :)

    If you're interested in renting a rave, keeping on reading!

    *Please note: Tell me at least a day in advance if you want to rent the rave so I can set up things accordingly. Best way to tell me is to send me a forum PM, but you can also post below or /mail me a book and quill (unsigned but with your name inside of it) in-game.
    *Also please note: Parties can last 3 hours maximum. If I'm online, I'll give you a 10-minute warning. If I'm not online... try not to go over 3 hours >.>
    Packages for Purchase:
    1) 1,000r -- Standard Package -- The only thing I change inside the Rave is the [access] signs for the jukebox, noteblock, and chest with all the music discs. I will also change the block underneath the noteblock so you can play the right beat you want.
    2) 3,000r -- Special Package -- Includes the Standard Package. Also comes with discounted prices in the Refreshment Area:
    Cookies: Free
    Water: Free
    Speedy Drinks (Speed Potions 3:00): 1r each
    All the Different-Named Zombie Viruses: 5r each
    3) 5,000r -- Supreme Package – Includes the Standard and Special Packages. Also includes me being there for the duration of the party to guard, tour guide, restock refreshments, etc. Please note, if I happen to leave the party for a not-good reason, you’ll get a 1,000r refund. If I leave the party for a good reason (like real-life reasons or MineCraft crashed), there is no refund.

    Want Spontaneous Parties? Check out post #15

    Rules of the Rave:
    1) Parties can be 3 hours maximum. I can't force you to stop after 3 hours if i'm not online for the party, but try to be respectful. The dance floor causes lag for some people nearby despite the simple redstoning.
    2) You must tell me at least 1 real-day in advance if you want to use the rave so I can set up things accordingly. You can contact me via forum PMs, via a post in this thread, or via an unsigned (but with your name in it) book and quill /mail'ed to me inside the game.
    3) If I find any discs missing, you'll have to pay a fine of 500r per disc missing. No excuses, not even "I had it in my inventory and forgot to put it back". If I find the jukebox missing, you'll have to pay a 1,000r fine. If I find the noteblock missing, it's a 800r fee. So basically, don't steal or break anything.
    4) I can't guarantee everything to be stocked to the brim for every party, but I'll try my best. Don't complain if something in the refreshment area's out of stock--most likely, one of your party-goers took everything, as it's easy for me to keep everything stocked to the brim before parties (with the exception of Zombie Viruses--it's mediumly-easy for me to keep those in stock).
    5) If you hold a drop party in the rave, that's fine, but please pick up everything that's dropped so I don't freak out about my /entc count (I check it often for the hotel).
    6) There is a hopper at the water station to recycle empty glass bottles. It's also accessible to everyone so you don't have to throw things (you can open up the hopper and put it in directly). Please recycle the bottles, especially if you're ordering the Special or Supreme Packages.
    7) I cannot guarantee that uninvited people will not show up and I cannot kick them out if I'm not present at the party. So please be respectful when asking someone to leave a private party of yours.
    8) I mentioned that the entrance is hidden--I will forum PM you how to get to the rave once you've confirmed that you want to use it (or if you just want to look around). Payment is due on the day of the party before the party starts. Access signs and shop signs will only be changed after payment is received.
    9) Please put all discs back into the chest when the party is over (do not keep them inside the jukebox as that will leave the dancefloor on and cause lag).
    10) Have fun :D Or try to. If there's something really wrong with the rave, just forum PM me or post in this thread what the problem is. But don't tell me something like "I suggest you raise the ceiling by 10 blocks 'cause I want to feel more free when I jump".

    Enjoy the Rave!

    *Disclaimer: Might cause lag on slower computers.
  2. Reserved Dates and Times (everything is in EMC time, /time):

    Completed Parties:
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  3. Bump.

    Anyone think I should change the white glass to black, red, grey, or any other color? xD
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  4. Throw in some red/purple stained clay in place of red wool. Don't hinder your facilities with a cheaper look, use a bit more variation in block textures :D And maybe for the glass, start with black/dark gray, and make it fade to white as it centers, or another vibrant color
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  5. I don't really want clay in my rave actually; I chose wool specifically.
    But I might do the fading thing :3
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  6. Bump

    Reservations can be made anytime; cancellations have no penalties.
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  7. A reminder for anyone who's been invited to the private party on July 4th 6pm to 8pm! (it's not hosted by me--not saying who's it hosted by to the public until the party's over)
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  8. Sorry to all who were looking forward to Shyguy's private party--he didn't show and he never paid, so the party's cancelled.

    Rave's open for more renters, of course.
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  9. Thinking about hanging this up since people like to party on their own res's.
    Probably will just keep this thread open as an option, not going to bump it anymore.
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  10. Is there a Drop Party arena? If so Ill rent it.
  11. No, it's a regular party area. No dispensers or anything for a real drop party.
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  12. Can I have a tour before renting?
  13. Yes. I'll get online right now I guess.
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  14. Oh. Or we can set up a time for later =P start a PM with me and tell me what time's good for you.
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  15. Spontaneous Parties now available
    For the price of
    Jk. Did that number look big to you?
    But they are available now--for FREE!--or 100r, depending on my mood :p
    Spontaneous Parties:
    Where you poke me while I'm online and say "Hey, I wanna use your rave to party right now!"
    And I go "Okay!" and leave the jukebox playing disc:mall on a loop xD
    On a more serious note,
    Thank you ww2fan168 for visiting. Unfortunately, he was not so satisfied at the lack of DP area, and through his visit I have realized
    1) this is an economy server
    2) this server never advertised roleplaying
    3) my rave was made for roleplaying. You get the rave for a few hours and make the best out of it with your imagination
    4) but no one wants that. They prefer Drop Parties
    5) people just want free stuff
    6) i wanted an area to just hang out, party and chill, and just *roleplay* and be happy
    7) it probably won't fly on this server though, where money and items matter more than raw roleplay and happiness
    8) and yeah, this could be considered a bump, but it's more of a rant and info-guide to me.

    Hope you enjoyed reading that.
    Guess this place is just gonna be open for anyone that feels up to roleplaying, if any such person exists in EMC.
    Guess I'll just be bumping this on a whim, then =P
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  16. It's a sad EMC reality :( A big reason why hotels aren't a financial viability
  17. Aha.
    That's why i offer a one-time payment hotel. It's basically fancy storage to others, but something else to me =P
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  18. Oh shoot, I swear I wasn't targeting you xD I was just making a general point D:
  19. LOL no it's okay. I was just responding truthfully xD
  20. I like this for sure! Too bad I don't have any friends to invite... lol. Some of the best times I have had on EMC have been roleplaying. Fireoworks at sunseet on someones roof, paid 10r(I just started playing) multiple cafe/restraunt experiences where I always buy the most expensive dish. Starbucks was one of them, thought I would get a speed potion but it was milk lol, easier to supply I suppose. Dancing with SEPTHEKID at a random res that ticked... oddly enough. We just gotta find those role playing people. Oh, I did some roleplay-esque stuff with tinykate1. Also built the cat on my res which has a very unique story lol. The screenshots look pretty sweet, I wouldn't mind checking it out some time.
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