Greifing's i caught

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by WackyIsJackie, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. I caught two greifers , one in morning , and other later.
  2. Have you reported them to moderators with screenshots for evidence?
  3. Don't wanna be rude here but why make a thread about it instead of talking to staff?
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  4. And some friendly advice, not trying to be rude, Herobrine skins are not very welcome here. I would hate to see a new guy go for something as simple as a skin.
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  5. Why are they not welcome?

    And i think i know one of the greifers :(
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  6. I almost got banned for having one... why to all my jokes/pranks here backfire. Good times...good times
    People do not know he dose not exist, and flip
  7. Not sure where you got this, but we won't ban someone for a herobrine skin, lol.
  8. Dun dun dun...
  9. WELL THEN, off to get a herobrine skin.
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  10. well i feel better
  11. To add to this, staff usually only ban for Pedobear and naked weirdos.
  12. what about naked bears?
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  13. And even then, its only a short, temp ban for the first offence.
  14. Thank you for helping to make EMC a better place. :)
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  15. Pedobear? I'm technically a girl in a panda suit so I has clothes.
  16. Legit comeback
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  17. no im saying a bear with no clothes on
  18. Lol, it's the truth and nobody has had an issue with it.
    based off this:

    Usually if it's an animal I don't think they have issues with it, otherwise they would have to ban for the people who have slime, creeper, etc.

    Don't publicly accuse or name people and as far as I know he was on SMP7. If he was on another server that's not against the rules unless he griefed or something.
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  19. To add to this, even when someone is banned for a Pedobear skin, it is usually a temp ban that is lifted when the skin is changed to a more family-friendly skin. Incidentally, I would add Hitler skins to the list of unacceptables. Anything that is likely to offend a reasonable person is verboten here. I can't see how Herobrine would offend anyone.
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