Gracious greetings this great night.

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  1. Víola! In view of gris ghestis withold, past be gally gibberish and grown anew. Gone it goes as natural green grows, gone be the goon of gisahold and grant me new life as a new jolly gentleman.

    Be that I return, I bring with me new life. Stirring within my heart is a fiery beast passionate about the community of old, that which we all call Empire Minecraft.

    You may not know me, so I bid thee greetings on this fine winter night. The life from before is gone and with it, goes the troubles and woes from times far yonder. I gladly and gleefully hop back as another member of the EMC community. I look forward to another glorious era filled with laughter, happiness and joy.

    Those who do not know me yet, it is a pleasure to be your acquaintance and you may call me G. :D Happy to be back. :)
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  2. Welcome back, Mr_Mystery. :D
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  3. Quit your jabbering and get back to work!
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  4. Welcome back green mystery!! Omg alot of members including myself have missed you !
  5. Welcome back kind sir! I hope you survive and prosper as you did before. :)
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  6. Could someone please translate that into cultureless please?

    Kidding, welcome back Green!
  7. Welcome back!
    For some reason your speech took me back to 2011 Christmas!
  8. Welcome back! Now we need Justin to return to do what he used to do. Play!
    Great to see you back on the server.
  9. Hey, welcome back! We missed you!
  10. Welcome back!

    Let's have a party!
  11. Welcome back Green
  12. "Der I'm back."

  13. Heya Green :p
    Nice to see you back - can't wait to see you around :)
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  14. Glad to see your back G. Lookin foward to seeing you around
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  15. Cool to see you back :D Even though you never knew me lol :p Like Kman said, haha if only Justin came back too! He hasn't been on in over 100 days...Last time I checked anyway... I think it's like 152 or something lol.
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  16. Welcome back. You have missed lots of things. Many old members have left, now our community is mostly consisted of people under their 200th day. But many other original members are here (including me)