Got cake? CakeCo Incorporation needs it!

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  1. You need donations for my company? lol
  2. Remember guys, sell cake to /v 1056 on SMP1

    So far ShadyShannon is in the lead for this contest.
  3. dont worry i am going to do a huge bulk sale on the last day
  4. Awesome.

    Sales will be tallied up on the final day, which is April 27th.

    If the chests are full, please PM me.
  5. Who is Sherwon?
  6. can i help u guy i may be on smp2 but i could transfer through the vault if u want
  7. Ya anybody can help just go to res # 1o56 and sell it 3r per cake.
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  8. Were not even halfway there guys! After the top glass pyramid is done, the bottom inverse pyramid needs done.

  9. All i have been doing is making cake for like the past 2 and a half days.
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  10. It's still not enough :p

    I still have yet to finish one side of the Pyramid. And this is just the top half of the pyramid.
  11. I need to spawn my cows and chickens and start baking remember everyone bake bake bake!!!!!!!!;)
  12. How many chests are left to go because I could transfer throughout the vault next time I log on to smp2 I could give u 13 vault's worth of cake

    I keep on forgetting I could make one big post and I'm using ma iPad so I find it harder to type than computer
  13. I will never stop buying, so if the chests full ill just empty it.
  14. Lol what are you making with it?
  15. He's making the Cake Co. Headquarters.
  16. Oh goodness....
  17. Yea. The actual structure is a big glass pyramid coated in cake.
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  18. Well, we are now nearly 50% done with the top half of the pyramid.

    That being said, as motivation for this contest I am upping the ante. The person who sells the most cake to me for this project at /v 1056 will be receiving 5,000 rupees AND 32 diamond blocks, a total value of roughly 18,000 rupees.

    I will also be extending this contest due to low interest of selling. The contest will now end May 11, 2012. Two weeks from Friday.

    Enjoy :)
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  19. One chest holds 54 cakes.
    That means 54 eggs for one double chest.
    Also 108 sugar,162 wheat and 162 milk buckets.
    So that is 162r for one chest if you sell your cake to roblikescake.
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