Got cake? CakeCo Incorporation needs it!

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  1. How much do you pay for cakes?
    I might be able to sell you some like maybe 5 or more double chests full!
  2. Alex, how in the world does it take you that long? It should be no more than 15 seconds per cake.

    Kells, your absolutely right. I have been working my *** off mining, building statues, going on money runs, just to make money to support this project. Although I am part of Shadowcraft INC., I am only lead architectural designer and have not yet been asked of any work. Any help is highly appreciated and the more you sell me, the bigger bonus you get when I get it all.

    Stads, I believe my shops at 1056 are paying 3r each. But if you can get me 100 dchests(5400 cakes) by Sunday night, I will pay you 15k alongside a fairly nice bonus.
  3. Yes Exactly, I have been quite busy myself trying to help out as much as possible. Trying to run a buisness and make money, and meet peoples needs is very time consuming. Thank you everyone so bake bake bake :p
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  4. It's the buckets that make it so hard.
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  5. Make the cake while in front of a cow.
  6. I can honestly say I would not be as far as I am now without you.

    Thank you. :)
  7. I mean placing it in the right place and such, I'm right next to a cow.
  8. It still should not take that long at all.
  9. Anyone want to buddy up on this project? I have wheat and some eggs. No cows though.
  10. It still should not take that long at all.

    Cow eggs can be purchased at kells and myself's shop at 1068.
    Or I can just give you a free cow later today, in a little over 2 hours when I get home.
  11. I for one can't wait to see your finished project built out of cake, just remember, the cake is a lie!
  12. Is the cake a lie, or is it actually the thought of the cake being a lie that is in fact a lie? ;)

    I have built the finished product's main structure in single player(just the outside shell) and I am currently at school. Building has been slowly taking place as I have not enough cake to continue construction. For that, I have made this thread.
  13. Hey i just wanted you to know that on one side of your cake thingy on smp1 you buy cake for 2r and on one side for 3r
  14. For what in earth do you ever need so moany cakes?!

    I will sell you some, when i have some time. Because i have 50 cows, a big wheat farm, 350 chickens (lol non-stop eggs) and a huge sugar can farm.
  15. I know that :)
    Awesome, the more the better.
  16. If i sat for a day and collected eggs. i could make probably 20-30 chests every 4 hours. But since i don't have that kind of patience it'd take me a few days. :D
  17. Pssh, get to work ;)
  18. after i buiold my super market. And how are we going to transfer the goods?
  19. *Making loads of cake*
  20. I will transfer them via vault

    Oh my :3