Got cake? CakeCo Incorporation needs it!

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  1. There are 11 doublechests left to fill. Do you guys really want this drop party or what??
  2. As each chest is filled it's shop sign will be removed. This way you can see how many chests are left.
    6 hours and 13 minutes left. Hurry guys!

    Fun Facts:
    1. CakeCo HQ Pyramid consists of 6,504 cakes.
    2. CakeCo X-Change consists of 720 cakes.
    3. I have spent over 80k on cake in total.
  3. So are you no longer buying cakes? Move perms are off :(
  4. i have like 2 large chests! wait!
  5. Results will be posted in a new thread. Mods, please close this one.