CakeCo Industries - A Moment of Silence

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  1. CakeCo Industries was recently founded by the man who goes by the name of roblikescake. This company will be involved with many things such as businesses, drop parties, grand openings, etc.

    One thing I did not expect this company to have to do is support its founder. Due to some conflicts in real life, I have not been able to be emotionally stable.

    You might be asking yourself, how can a man not be emotionally stable? Here's why:

    Sherwon and I did not know each other too well, and we had our ups and downs, but he was a good friend. He was murdered this morning, if you read the linked page, and I just recently found out in the last hour or so. I never would have thought it'd hit me this hard because I barely knew him, but this has got me in tears. You know a man is serious when he can admit to crying.

    I am posting here today to ask for a moment of silence, to respect Sherwon. I am asking for justice. I know, we are just a gaming community. But we can support each other morally with real life problems, right?

    I, as the founder and owner of CakeCo Industries, would like to ask for your help. I would like to ask for your help in creating a memorial for Sherwon. I will be making it on SMP1 on Resident Address 1505. I plan to be using diamond, gold, and iron blocks for this build. If you have anything you can donate, whether it be rupees to buy the materials or the materials themselves, please help me. It's hard enough to hold my head up and type this, but I have to do it.

    R.I.P. Sherwon Wanzo. 8/12/93 - 4/15/12

    Lost but never forgotten. Forever in our hearts and prayers.

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  2. Rest in peace :(
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  3. Nobody deserves to die like that, May he/she Rest In Peace
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  4. Can I donate my Help :) Its the least I can do :( I am really sorry rob. It must be tough...
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  5. It's a guy.
  6. may his soul rest forever. :"( although, i can donate iron and PM joshposh70 and say thetrufflehunter sent u requesting gold/diamond/iron blocks
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  7. Just sent him a /tell and he sent me to Dojodo.
  8. ok. they (and i) do TS3 together.. just trying to help :) also, i can help build and/or make a mourners skin
  9. Here's the memorial so far.
  10. That's a terrible thing that happened. May he rest in peace and whatever he believes in guide him into the heavens.
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  11. did he die in real life or the game
  12. In real life.
  13. oh... sorry. RIP Sherwon
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  14. He died in real life, he was fatally shot.
    Our hearts and souls go out to Sherwon's family and friends. It's a shame that people have to die like this. If you ever need anything rob, just ask me.
    R.I.P Sherwin Wanzo
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  15. R.I.P. sherwon
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  16. dude not a time for jokes
  17. R.I.P. Sherwon
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  18. wjat ever i still dont understand but lets drop the subject this thread was meant to be a moment of silence
  19. I just wanna say one thing. I didn't know Sherwon, but I bet he was a great man. He probably had a hole life ahead of him, and some mentally unstable (pardon my language) bastard stole it from him. Sherwon shall rest in peace surrounded by his passed family in a happier place. The man who killed him will not get away. He will be hunted down by the justice system and brought to the light. Sherwon will rest, but I hope the guy that did it burns in hell...
  20. Well said. ^^^ I ditto this.
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