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  1. Everyone in smp1 that know me, I wont be on maybe never lol. I got banned and hopfully i dont loss my res and trying to get back in :( someone chat if my ress is still there. Thanks for playing with me! You guys were the best
  2. I believe you can appeal your ban. PM Krysyy to appeal.

    I also think (I may be wrong) that your res goes away no matter what if you're banned. Even if you get unbanned.
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  3. If it is temp then you don't lose it. If it is perm you lose everything...
  4. I /p'd your name and you have not been temp. banned or even Perma banned.

    You can log on as you wish :p
  5. The res does not go away if you prove the ban was a mistake or unfair.

    PM the mod that banned you, and make a sincere apology and statement on what you did wrong and how you plan to improve.
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  7. Yea im still perma banned :(
  8. No, you are NOT banned.
  9. I cant log in and it says your still perma banned
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  11. are you sure logging into EMC? I /p'd and you are not currently banned.
  12. Yes should i put the pic of me banned up?
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  13. Yes.
  14. See

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  15. IP bans don't show up on /p. If you want to appeal you can contact Community Manager's (
  16. I just did
  17. What does "Using Compromised Accounts" even mean?
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  18. Well idk but all i did was get in alts i found in youtube.
  19. Compromised accounts are stolen accounts, someone has hacked other player accounts changed passwords and then sell them on, give them away or use them for their own use.
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  20. That seems to be exactly what the problem is. There are quite a few accounts that are shown on your profile. Using Hacked accounts is not allowed. You have been IP banned, so none of your accounts will be able to connect. If you connect using another IP, that will also be banned.

    By creating accounts on EMC, you are claiming ownership of the accounts which have been reported as stolen/hacked. It's a little like stealing a car and then trying to register it in your name. In your case you have stolen a dozen cars and using them as you please.

    If you used credit card numbers that you found on youtube to purchase things, you would eventually get caught, and taking the credit cards away would only be the beginning of the punishment that you would encounter.

    Think of this as a valuable life lesson. You have lost almost nothing in this experience, but gained a better understanding of how the world works and hopefully others reading this will also learn. Just because you see something on the internet doesn't mean it belongs to you.
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