Google Forms Update to Make Life Easier

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Howdy everyone!

    I have created two new google forms that are pretty darn fantastic and will help alleviate quite a few headaches of mine I've had recently.

    Number 1: Supporter Vouchers Redemption Form

    The forums are not very nice to those of us with lots of inbox messages and sometimes supporter voucher redeems slip through the cracks into the mailbox oblivion. However, with this new system that shouldn't happen. It will make more of a checkbox that I can go through and take care of one at a time, making mine (and your) life easier. I have updated any mentions of pm'ing me to now include this form. Next step is to embed it directly. *winks at Aikar*

    Numero Dos: Promo Suggestions Entry Form

    Too often do we go to brainstorm ideas for the promos for each event and I end up hunting through the forums for suggestions from you wonderful people. Well now you can be a part of the 'Promo Think Tank' with this beauty. After all, when we put our heads together, we end up with some pretty neat ideas =)

    Anywho, that is all for now.
  2. 1st
    EDIT: Awesome can't wait to use the promo one ( if I ever have a good idea ;))
  3. Can the be included into the Suggestion Box description or in an official thread please? Thank you!


    Can we fit multiple Event Ideas/Promo ideas into one doc?
  4. I can make a thread there.
    Submit different docs for multiple items so it's clear when searching.
  5. Forms look great! :D Thanks, krysyy! :)
  6. I prefer that you send them in that form for quick reference. I remember a lot of them were pretty neat so I'd hate to not be able to find them.
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  7. Can you add more font choices? I need to use a font you can barely read and that annoys you.
  8. I see it =P
  9. Yay, voucher redemption form ^_^ Need to get my thinking cap on for the promo suggestion entry form :p
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  10. What about a Doc for suggesting Docs? :O
  11. Awesome. No idea if you haven't already, or if you want to. But for the PayPal Transaction ID box you might want to add some string validation of a rough length or character set to prevent spam :)
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  12. Awesome krysyy!
    I'll be spending some time with the promo creation thing :D
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  13. I already applied for a promo :D
    I hope it gets added
  14. I tried to look into that, but some people include dashes and others dont. I'll just deal with the spam.
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  15. Alright.
  16. Please give the forums some love :3
  17. hi i did the new forum thing!
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  18. Checked out the promo doc, and submitted one. This will certainly make your life easier :p