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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm just going to make a post here (suggested by many of our current active players to me) about our new stance on "Goodbye" threads. If you feel the need to say goodbye to your friends when you decide to stop playing Minecraft, please do so to them personally.

    We have no need or want to prevent you from saying bye to those you wish to, but almost every one of these threads welcomes those who feel the need to post negative thoughts on EMC (not always by the poster, of course.)

    As staff we have to remain sturdy in our goals to keep EMC growing as strong as we have thus far and even though some people feel Minecraft or EMC is crumbling, we know that's not true. Minecraft and EMC has a long way to go (years imo) and when people keep drama bumped up on our forums via posts like this, it can "scare away" new users and they don't deserve to miss out on EMC due to silly drama.

    Thanks for understanding and best of luck to the futures of those who feel they need to leave. :)
  2. I really see no problems with the current state of the empire I have full faith in the amazing moderators and admins and that we will be in the top 20 servers soon again.
  3. but i like wishing the people i dont know goodbye :(
  4. My statement of "crumbling" does not apply to the current status of Minecraft or EMC. I made the comment that it will eventually. Every great creation eventually falters but if it is as great as both Minecraft and EMC, it will take a very long time to do so.
    EMC is only now entering its "adolescent" stage of development and lifespan. It has many wonderful years to provide love and happiness to the members who still enjoy a unique Minecraft experience. :)
  5. I agree completely, this server is amazing and so is the staff, keep up the good work guys :D
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  6. Just like the Roman Empire, soon Justin will murder ICC and we will watch it crumble.
    Like if you get the joke.
  7. :(

    I don't want to die.
  8. It was a joke because Brutus and 14 other senators stabbed Julious Caesar.
    Just saying, don't literally want you to die.
  9. You may just have to be re-incarnated in a new alternate :p
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  10. JustinGuy is Brutus eh?
  11. Yah, because Brutus founded most of the economy, JC built armies and cities.
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  12. And ICC would be tu Justin!?
  13. That's good to know. :p
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  14. And the rest of the Staff will be the other senators. :)
  15. Yah, lol.
  16. lol It's good story to read or watch which other way lol

    back to topic now :)
  17. Thank God you finally did this!

    Would you allow people to write good bye on their profile wall? I feel saying good bye can be a good thing, just not front page news.
  18. There is a great subforum on another forum I contribute to, it is called "the vent/coffee lounge" and it is for all sorts of possibly upsetting discussion like this, including political.

    I do not know how well that would work here, but perhaps it is an idea worth mulling over, to make one where people are warned that it may be rough inside. Many forums have had this sort of thing in the past, some have actually split that part off as it's own forum entirely (hardocp for example) because it was so popular.

    This may be the lesser of two evils, or it may be inappropriate for EMC entirely, I have no idea which.
  19. You can never die you IcC and i cant either cus im nfell2009 and we are amazing :D (I just think im amazing cus i know im amazing)
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  20. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Those goodbye threads were getting really annoying!