Goodbye Emc.

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  1. Hello Emc...

    I am here today writing to inform the community that I will be leaving EMC permanently. I have come to realise that EMC but mainly Minecraft in general has been holding me back in life, my addiction has kept me indoors, away from friends and I believe if I continue to act like this it will damage my grades.

    I'd just like to say that I may be 850+ days old but I have only become active again five months ago in which I have achieved many great things; reaching 1 million rupees, starting up the 8557 Promos/Rares Shop, Firefloor and many more things.

    I'd like to thank all of the players on EMC and I'd like to give a special thanks to the following players who've helped me and been just one of my friends a lot over these last five months. Bloodra1n, Pascal1881, Highlancer54, Captaincraft300, Kaizimir and Snowybearr. Thank you to you all.

    I'd also like to give a big shout out to the tremendous efforts made by Aikar and the rest of the staff team, EMC would be nothing without you guys.

    Thank you E M C.

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  2. i dont think goodbye thread are still legal, they were tempoarily legal, but i think they are illegal now?
    idk, anywhos, Goodbye. Have a good life, make the best out of everything life throws at you. Have a good day :)
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  3. Have fun out there in the real world
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  4. Its sad to see people go and I see that it is your choice that's why I hope you the best on your future journeys =)
  5. Yeah they are still illegal, I just looked at the rules, although I did just want to let the community know what's happening, although if goodbye threads aren't allowed then why are Staff members stepping down threads allowed? Same concept I guess.
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  6. Best of luck in the future Joshy. I feel the exact same as you. I think after my mall has opened I may take the same path.
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  7. goodbye threads are allowed only if they don't cause any issues. the only reason they weren't before is they were only meant to bring up drama and arguments. this clearly isn't. :)
  9. It is really sad to see you go. I thought of you as a friend on EMC and loved playing and talking with you, especially about making rupees :D
  10. sniff sniif );
    Anyways, Can I have your stuff :p
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  11. Wow... way to give me a coupon for your shop as a prize in a contest thread then instantly quit. Thanks. :/
  12. goodbye josh! and may the force be with you!
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  13. I'll miss you. I thought you were going to be a great manager for my horse mall.
    You are such a nice person.
    Good luck!
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  14. You'll be missed. I didn't know you that well, but I certainly know that. Good luck with life! :)
  15. Good bye and good luck :)
  16. My first mention, why does it have to be so sad. D:

    I understand your reasoning though. Gaming can really consume you, and take you away from more important things. It can be very hard to balance time between games and other activities. I find the reason honestly just comes down to what is easier ya know? Logging in on my computer which I'm five feet away from, or making plans getting ready and actually going out and doing it.

    But I guess that is all besides the point, good luck with everything you want to do, and hope to see you back some day.
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  17. You may contact me via PM and I will allow you to redeem the voucher.
  18. Rule 8 and 'General Rules' don't say anything about leaving threads. Maybe to stop questions like that in the future, we could have a 12th general rule that says;
    • Leaving threads are allowed, as long as they do not cause any drama, arguments or any other issues.
    There hasn't exactly been any public announcement (that i'm aware of), aside from your post, that leaving threads are allowed again :p
    Anyway, back on topic;
    Good luck in life joshy. Hope to see you around again sometime soon.
  19. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read this thread :)
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  20. And thank you to you for being so calm and friendly about the situation :)