Good luck to everyone doing their GCSE's

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  1. Hey guys,
    So today I had my first exam, sadly to say the first of many to come, I have 20 examz in total ranging from 1 hour to 2 1/2 hours long! I'll post my timetable for everyone to see if you would like that.

    This was mainly just to say good luck to everyone taking their GCSE's now, thats all of the year 11's (I'm from England) So yeah, good luck and all I can say if revise lots and try your hardest. Come results day it doesnt matter what grades you get if you know yourself that you have done your very best and worked as hard as you can to your ability!

  2. Thanks, I'll need all the luck I can get, hoping that I do well! Good luck to you too!
  3. Good luck! What are your plans after you finish your GCSE's? Collage? Uni? Sixthform?
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  4. I have my A levels ;-;
    Only 7 exams though, but I would rather take 20 GCSE's xD

    I wish you luck! :D
  5. Well good luck! I'm not looking forward to another 2 years at my school followed by A levels :eek: What did you take?
  6. Had my geology exam today. Totally failed it D:

    A-Levels not for the win ;-;
  7. As long as you know you tried your hardest al will be okay :)
  8. Thanks! I'm going on to do Motorsport Engineering at College :D What about you? :)
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  9. Oh how silly am I xD I should have guessed that by your photography haha. I'm hoping to go for either A levels or electrical engineering :D
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  10. Physics, Chemistry, Maths and ICT. ICT is the easy one xD
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  11. Protip: for exams such as geography, CHECK THE COPYRIGHTS. They have been known to give away answers by accident in the past. ;)
  12. Any other tips? Please...
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  13. Oh god :O Maths! WHAT, I mean.. err... pfft, easy one that is ;P And yeah, I take ICT, one of the questions is like "What material is a plastic bottle made out of
    [ ] Plastic
    [ ] Titanium
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  14. ICT! Yay... doing Unit 30 (Graphic Design (it really isn't fun)) right now :p
  15. That is indeed a very helpful tip, another tip Dragon is NEVER.. leave a question out... You will never lose marks for writing somthing down but you could however gain them, even if it's only a guess :)
  16. For GCSE's specifically:
    • 1 mark a minute but in essays do yourself a favour and spend the first 5 doing a plan if you've got a source text that needs annotating (think English Language).
    • Science will kill you in every way possible. You WILL think that you've done terribly. Everyone does terribly. That's why the grade boundaries are so low.
    • In ICT, point out the obvious before you even consider writing an actual answer. You're practically guaranteed to get marks for it.
    • English Literature is completely possible to do well on by closing your eyes, opening a random page in a book, and picking a random quote to use, and without ever reading the book itself. I know because I did exactly that.
    • You absolutely 10000% can lie on English exams. Even if "Nemo's relationship with his father represents an emotional attachment that is shown by historical authors, and may have been used to help broaden the piece's audience, as well as to get an emotional reaction out of the reader by using hyperbole" is a complete lie, you'll still get marks as long as it sounds reasonable. THIS ESPECIALLY APPLIES TO ANY POETRY QUESTIONS.
    • For geography, as long your case study numbers SOUND reasonable, they'll be marked as correct. They're never actually verified. Hell, I made up a small village in Africa for one of mine.
    • Maths: you can't "cheat". Have fun.
  17. I will be taking World History AP Exam soon, and I am hoping that I can use this to get me through the three essays.
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  18. Unfortunately, as least for GCSE's, history case studies are verified.
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  19. Feel free to lie in the language paper. Just make it sound real. If they ask you about smoking say it increases the chance of cancer by 70% or something. You don't have to be right. Just sound smart. You could always say 100% of dead people have died at one point in their lives.
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  20. I would blur out your name, birthday, and any other private info.
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