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  1. Hey EMC! So I recently accomplished one of my 5 personal goals for the server that I want to complete. So I am making this thread for you all to share your personal goals for the server! Well, here are my 5 goals for EMC.

    1. Get a spawn res (6001 smp3 potion mall soon to come #shamelessplug)
    2. Become a Prominent Member on the forums
    3. Get my own dragon egg
    4. Successfully own a mall and keep it stocked
    5. A SC of Dragon Stones (I'm a hoarder I know)

    So share some of your goals and we can hopefully accomplish all our goals!
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  2. Happy thanksgiving
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  3. Hmm.... Where ever did you get a spawn res my friend? :p Also, my goals are:Finish my mall, get a DC of beacons, a dragon egg, as many promos as I can and to make all the different farms :p
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  4. My EMC goals are:
    Get a Spawn res (Pm me if you have one to sell :p)
    Beat my sister in Rupees(I am CLOSE:))
    Get a Dragon Egg
    Get a Dc of Mineral Mincers
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  5. Ah the joy of having unreachable goals on EMC :p

    I've actually completed most of my old goals, get 15 million rupees, get spawn residences, get a dragon egg, etc.

    So now I move onto goals that aren't as tangible like making new friends and doing more community projects this summer. (If anyone is looking to collab just let me know :p)

    Some advice I have for goals are, keeping them realistic and sticking with it. You aren't going to just wake up one day with millions of rupees or your favorite items and it takes time to do it, so just keep with it and you'll eventually come to it. :)
  6. I may be able to do a collaboration with this "friend" thing. I will have to look up how it works, but I am open to the idea.
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    1. Make a million rupees
    2. Obtain a spawn res
    3. Obtain a dragon egg
    4. Become a Moderator
    5. Hold an event with over 200 people attending
    6. Become Senior staff
    Other short term goals would be getting a dragon head and elytra and of course like Sam mentioned continue to make new friends. :)
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  7. See, you shoulda not hushed me when I 'leaked' this info to Krysyy :p
  8. Bump! Anyone else got goals they would like to share?
  9. I don't have goals anymore, but this is what my goal sheet looked like a while ago. I never made any social goals or sentimental goals, just economic ones. I didn't feel the need to make other types of goals since they can't really be measured with linear progression. Economics, however, is entirely linear, so a goal sheet made more sense to me.

    1) Get 1,000,000r
    2) Get 2,000,000r
    3) Get 5,000,000r
    4) Get 10,000,000
    5) Get 10,000 tokens
    6) Get 50,000 tokens
    7) Get 100,000 tokens
    8) Get 200,000 tokens
    [context]I love collecting lucky bows[/context]
    9) Get 10 lucky bows
    10) Get a SC of lucky bows
    11) Get a DC of lucky bows
    12) Get 75 lucky bows
    13) Get 100 lucky bows
    14) Get an original dragon egg. [context]I offered so much money and got denied. The amount of money that I offered is enough that I'm convinced that nobody will ever sell their original egg. Very deep into the 8 digits - doubt I'll ever do this one. But if one goes for sale, this is my ultimate goal.[/context]

    Yeah. Those are my goals :p
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  10. My goals

    1. Reach 1,000,000r -Check
    2. Get supporter -Check
    3. Get a 4 plot Res -check
    4. get OP weapons and -armor
    5. Be friendly -check
    6. Donate 10,000r -check
    7. Complete my redstone machines -check
    8. Complete my farm- check

    I make goals as I go :p

    9. Obtain an elytra
    10. Finish emcs cheapest shop
    11. Help bacon complete his Res
    12. Finish fire floor
    13. Obtain a lucky bow
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  11. Have fun and learn playing different roles

    Play with family and friends
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  12. I've had lots of goals throughout my adventures with the community. Here are some that I made on a bucket list long ago (exact date April 30th, 2015). I won't say which I've accomplished, since that would be bragging, but I will say, I've accomplished many of them.
    1. Get a speed 135 horse
    2. Reach 1,000,000 rupees
    3. Get diamond supporter voucher
    4. Become a moderator (guess if I've done this or not :p)
    5. Own my own outpost
    6. Defeat a miniboss
    7. Find a stronghold
    8. Own 20 beacons
    9. Own a megamall
    10. Be a well-known member on forums (it was the highest back then ;))
    My goals today:
    1. Build a project that makes the community happy, and doesn't involve them paying for anything.
    2. /f anybody that wishes to be friends with me
    3. Be a good friend :D
    4. Donate 600,000 rupees
    5. Be able to make as many people :) as I can!
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  13. 1. Get a dragon egg
    2. gain 25 million rupees
    3. gain 6 reses
    4 perm derelict voucher
    5. spawn res

    if you have any of the above msg me :D
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  14. 1. Own every Staff/retired staff heads.
    2. Own every Team Member/retired Team member Heads.
    3. Reach 2 Million
    4. Contribute in a more advanced way like join Contribution team or even Staff (of course I can still contribute to the community as a regular player but you can do so much more as a Contribution team member or as A staff member)
    5. Become an Elite Member on the Forums
    6. The classic, get a Dragon Egg :p

    I've had more but I've accomplished those so I'll just put down the ones I want to achieve now. :)
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  15. Bump! One step close to my sc of dragon stones thanks to a good friend ;) (64 of em to be exact)
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