Global Chat regarding Current Events - ie virus talk

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  1. Global chat, although a great addition should provide more mobility as to how the user wants to use it. As far as I'm aware you are either Local, within a region. Residence within a location or Community across all servers. If you wish to discuss something server specific or only see messages based within your server then you should have the ability to do so. Hence Tune-In / Tune-Out.

    If there is a setting I have missed, please inform me.
  2. theres /chat server? which is what C chat was before global chat was added essentially
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  3. Well there you go, as far as I was aware /c became community and /c for chat was made obsolete and unused. I was unaware that it had be reinstated, now I know.
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  4. To clarify:
    /Ch c = community chat (global)
    /Ch s = server chat (only your smp)
    /Ch l = local chat (only within a certain radius of you)
    /Ch r = residence chat (only with residence borders)
    /Ch g = group chat (players in your group/must be same smp)
    /Ch sup = supporter chat (global, only supporters)
    /Ch x or /ch mod = staff chat (global, but staffies only)
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  5. And to clarify even more: everything can also be done with just a "/c" in front of it (example: /c s). :)

    If you want to send just one or a few messages to a certain channel, while being in another channel, you can also do "@s", "@r", and so on. :)