Giving out Money to who ever needs - Just pm me online or on site

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DemonThunder345, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Hello I am going to give out big amounts of money to whoever needs it for their projects or whatever. Just PM ME ON THE SITE OR IN GAME.
    I hope this helps anyone who needs it, im not bragging that I have a lot of money, because I only have 20k atm. I plan to sell everything I have and give out the money to people in need. Adios
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  2. Money?
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  3. Like if I needs money for project, you give. No questions asked?
  4. If you are selling promos I will buy
  5. Wow, how generous!
    Hope it goes well for ya! Good luck!
  6. 20,000 dollars....
  7. Demon you still haven't paid and you are giving away money.
  8. Oh yeah I need some money for my new pc. Give me about 2-3k please :p
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  9. Oh sorry guys im used to playing factions, I ment to say Rupees not dollars :p
    If a staff can fix that, in the title that would be nice. :)

    Also the 3 people who needed money so far
    New Balance

    1. A moment ago
      Payment to hylif3
      - 3,000


    2. A moment ago
      Payment to tedrocker
      - 3,000


    3. 1 minute ago
      Payment to joshyrocks13
      - 7,000

  10. Well i dont mean to beg but since what this is about ill take some for my up and coming projects on my res(s). Just give me what ever you feel like :)
  11. Ok I will pay you 3k, just hold on getting some more money :)
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  12. So nice of you!
    Good work :)
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  13. I could take anything you could give me to help me on my projects (TBH 1r would be even nice) :D
  14. I have 26k now again and will be giving out 2 Beacons to the next 2 people who PM me :)
  15. I payed you 5k and sent you a Beacon in the mail :)
  16. Jackrhoads32 wins the beacon and also gets 4k for his project
  17. Giving out a free Wither Skull to the first one to PM me. Also the latest status on people who I payed. The beacons wont show on there because they are items.
    New Balance

    1. 2 minutes ago
      Payment to _trin_
      - 1,500


    2. 2 minutes ago
      Payment to mdeq50
      - 1,500


    3. 4 minutes ago
      Payment to bossybossninja
      - 1,500


    4. 5 minutes ago
      Payment to ants4235
      - 1,500


    5. 5 minutes ago
      Payment to netherspecter
      - 1,500


    6. 6 minutes ago
      Payment to ark_warrior2
      - 1,500


    7. 8 minutes ago
      Payment to jaydenferrer123
      - 2,000


    8. 10 minutes ago
      Payment to jackrhoades32
      - 500


    9. 13 minutes ago
      Payment to jackrhoades32
      - 3,000


    10. 15 minutes ago
      Payment to jackrhoades32
      - 1,000


    11. 56 minutes ago
      Sent mail to defluxer: subject Beacon
      - 50


    12. 58 minutes ago57 minutes ago
      Payment to defluxer
      - 5,000


    13. Payment to gadget_ad
      - 3,000

  18. Wow, so generous… :D