[Giveaway] Turkey Slicer and 5,000r

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by CowMan18, May 2, 2014.

  1. As mentioned above, I will be giving a person a never been used Turkey Slicer and a few others will get up to 5000 r. There are a few rules on how to enter into this competition.

    * Put IGN name in the comments
    * Put any MC block, mob, or item that comes to mind
    * No alt accounts please
    * Example: CowMan18/Mooshroom Spawner

    Winner will be announced at 3:00 PM EST Time.

    Grand Prizes (1) - Turkey Slicer
    Large Prize (2) - 1500r
    MedLarg Prize (1) - 1000r
    Medium Prize (1) - 750r
    TinMed Prize (1) 200r
    Tiny Prize (1) - 50r
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  2. First Wanted to ruin it for everyone so no one got the first post
  3. hashhog3000/Poisoned Potato! Thanks for holding the giveaway!
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  4. Um, right.
    OrangeDuck607 / Bat
  5. SgtStutta45/nether star and thank you! :D
  6. Time has been extended to 4:3oPM EST time because we need at least 4 more people!
  7. IronicSwordPlay/Iron golem :p
  8. TomvanWijnen / Snowblock
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  9. Kev20022/Diamond Hoe <-- Not a waste of your hard earned diamonds
  10. Defluxer/Sponge
  11. So sorry for the long wait but I had prom to go to. So the winners are as follows:

    Grand Prize - TomvanWijnen
    Large Prize - hashhog3000 & SgtStutta45
    MedLarge Prize - Defluxer
    Medium Prize - OrangeDuck607
    TinMed Prize - IronicSwordPlay
    Tiny Prize - Kev20022
  12. Wow! Thanks so much for this! :D
  13. I'll use my tiny prize well! Thanks!
  14. lukafolz/sponge cuz its epic
  15. mman2832/cave spider spawner
  16. caden672/command_block Cuz i like it :)
  17. generalfelino015/Ender Crystal :D.
  18. MrBigBux/Emerald
  19. Thanks CowMan18, I really appreciate this =)
  20. Um, isn't it over?