(Giveaway) Old Player Giveaway

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  1. *EVENTS OVER Thank you all that came!*
    Hey whats up guys! So I haven't played MC in about 2 years, and today I thought about all the stuff I collected on EMC, and so i decided to give it all away today so other people can enjoy them :)
    lets get into the details
    Who: Me:p
    What: Giving away everything ive accumulated since my time on EMC
    2 Diamond Supporter Gift
    1 Gold Supporter Gift
    x20 Assorted Diamond Tools with high enchants
    1 and 1/2 Vault Pages if Quartz Blocks
    7 stacks of Coal Ore
    6 Stacks of Lapis Blocks
    6 Stacks of Coal Blocks
    9 Stacks of Gold Blocks
    2 Stacks of Diamond Ore
    1/2 Stack of Diamond Blocks
    1/2 Vault of Iron Blocks
    7 Beacons
    13 Turkey Slicers (Original 2013 Promo Items)
    9 Rudolph Eggs (2013 Original Eggs)
    1 Valentine's Rose (2013 edition)
    1 Empire Firework (4th of July 2013 Edition)
    2 Empire Firework (2012 Special firework Random effect)
    5 Independence Day Firework (4th of July 2013 Celebration firework)
    40 Empire Firework (2013 New years edition)
    2 Super Dragon Poop (never figured out what theses are for)
    1 Vault Page of Holiday Picks (2013 Christmas Pick)
    1 Akira 12/23/13 Drop Party Head

    Where: SMP 1 Res 406
    When: 9 PM EST 12/25/2015
    How: Random Chests :p (run around and get as many as you can)

  2. Oh, gosh
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  3. I will come, Like totally, But why today I might not make it :( But I will still try :D
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  4. Are you leaving?

    I will be there. Thanks! :)
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  5. lol that's 3 AM for me >.< sadly I of course can't come, but still thanks for holding this giveaway. :)
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  6. Wow, just wow..
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  7. ill try
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  8. why so late/ early
    thats 3am for me D:

    haha awesome event tho
    to bad i won't be there probs
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  9. As allicanto and Tom said it's the middle of the night for me and I can't come.
    This seems like an awesome event but it's kind of sad that you're giving everything away, we all will miss you if you are in fact leaving(Might have understod this wrong, but as I read it, it seems like you're leaving):(
    But I think everyone appreciate this:)
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  10. its at 2am for me ;-;
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  11. Whoa....whoa
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  12. good lord i hope i can make it, that sounds epic XD
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  13. Why are other people advertising this for you? :confused:
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  14. Thankfully I can Make it :)
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  15. cuz, im lazy :D
  16. This is a awesome event to have, but I am very busy so I might not make it, but if I get a chance tonight, I'll come:)
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  17. So this will be happening just now? sweet! And dear are you leaving? :(
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  18. yes, I will be leaving MC after this, i haven't played in about 2 years :p
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  19. all of this is easily over a few million rupees o_o that is crazy
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  20. Seriously?