[Giveaway] Matts 17th Birthday! WOO (Sach stole my birthday by the way)

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Is my birthday better than DrEggs

Yes, too much egg over there 17 vote(s) 70.8%
Nein! We love the eggs! 7 vote(s) 29.2%
  1. Why hello fellow EMCicans :3
    So I'll be hosting a giveaway for my birthday (woo) That Sachrock stole ;-; RIP.

    Wait what is this?
    So this is a small giveaway that I'm hosting for my birthday, this giveaway will (when it ends) have three winners, each of the winners will receive the same prizes that shall be listed below! Why three instead of one large prize you may ask? Well more of a chance to win amazing prizes! WOO

    This shall continue in the comments! :3
  2. What be these amazing prizes you speaks of?
    Well of course a whole bunch of promos, vouchers and moneys! It should all come to a grand total of around 600k per chest.. And there are three! Here be a picture of one of the three chests you will be able to win!

    How do I enter this fabulous giveaway?
    Well all you need to do is ask me any two questions of you’re choosing. One involving EMC and one involving Real life! (Yes that does in fact exist) After you’ve asked me those two questions you’ll automatically be entered into the giveaway.

    Other informations.. and such
    Please only enter this giveaway with one account! If you enter with multiple alts you will be excluded from the giveaway ;-; We don’t want that do we?

    One last key piece of information that could possibly be important is this date this giveaway will end.

    This giveaway will end on the 14th of May (My birthday) Any entries receives after this closing date will not be entered but may still be charged! Have fun and let’s keep that red buzzer away ;)
  3. How brought/what brought you to emc. Greatest achievement in life.
  4. Do u like pvp?

    What is your favorite car?
  5. Happy birthday for the 14th :)

    What is your favourite promo?

    What is your favourite van? (nuclear stole my question!)

  6. 1)Do you have an EMC goal?
    2)Why did you decide to steal my Birthday?
  7. You skrub at PvP. Y?

    You are a roadman. Why?
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  8. Happy Bday!

    RL Question:
    • Have you ever seen Die Hard? If so, do you believe it is the greates Christmas movie? If your answer was no as to seeing the movie... please I beg of you to watch it, so many lost souls haven't seen the greatest xmas movie ever...
    EMC Question:

    • What is the highest rupee amount you can recall reaching?
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  9. First off happy birthday to you!
    What's your favorite block in emc/mc?
    How is the weather lol?
  10. One of my very old friends that I actually went to primary school with brought me onto EMC so he could claim the small referal bonus :p After that I kind of got sucked in and as you can see never left the community :D My greatest achievement in life has to be... Winning a small downhill event at my "local" bike park maybe. I've always wanted to go pro and this just gave me the boost I needed! Thank you for entering c:
    I love PvP yes :) I tent to PvP every second day maybe, both on EMC, UHC and Kit PvP haha, my favorite car has to be a 1980 Fiat 126 Bis :p Weird but wait... It's created by Taz Racing :p It's not your average Fiat 126 as it's been engine swapped with a Small block V8 chevy haha :p
    My favorite promo has to be the labor bench, I use it everywhere I go on all of my accounts :p The one promo that I can actually use! WOO :p And my favorite van -.- Wellll... It's obviously going to be the Youga from GTA CV ;)
    My EMC goal is to create one of the largest community outposts on SMP4 :p I hope one day I reach this goal haha*cough* with your help of course... I'm also older than you scrub ;) So SH c:
    I'm a beast at PvP ;-; and Becuz I kno how 2 spek lyk propa roadman can fam yeah.... That hurt my head to write good lord!
    I love the Wafflez!!!! And don't do this before my maths exam! ;-; 56?? ;-;
    I have seen Die Hard! I believe it's either one of the best or THE BEST christmas movies ever c: I watch it every year haha. I'm glad I have a Die Hard friend.. *starts PM* And I believe the largest number of rupees I've had at one time is 2.8million :3 This all got spent over 3 days though... The struggles...

    Thank you all for your questions! If you have any further questions please feel free to ask :) See you soon!
  11. Hello. Happy birthday!! So, what is your favorite minecraft animal AND how much longer do you have in school until you graduate?
  12. What is your middle name?
  13. what does the fox say?

    will you ever win uhc?
  14. He does when I carry him. Sorry Matt, had to answer it.
  15. Happy Birthday!

    What's one of your favorite builds on the server and IRL.. whats your favorite pizza?

  16. so same as sach?
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  17. Happy Birthday
    Irl question
    How many countries have you visited

    In Minecraft question
    What mob have you killed the most and y?
  18. What wood type do you like the most in Minecraft?

    Are you a girl or a boy irl?

    Happy birthday Matt ;)
  19. Happy B-day! Whats your favorite creation? Whats your favorite event?
  20. What has been your most profitable purchase in EMC?

    Why did you make this face? :p