[Giveaway] Matts 17th Birthday! WOO (Sach stole my birthday by the way)

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Is my birthday better than DrEggs

Yes, too much egg over there 17 vote(s) 70.8%
Nein! We love the eggs! 7 vote(s) 29.2%
  1. what was your most memorable memory on emc? also happy bday and also whats real life? but in real life besides emc whats your passions
  2. I don't watch anime sadly for some :p I did however read manga is it? for a few weeks but It confused me so much I had to stop and go back to Mr.Men books. You think thats a joke :3 Nope..
    I spend anywhere from 1-7 hours a day on EMC itself and I actually check the forums once ever 1-2 hours maybe. I feel like after reading that it seems way too much... lol
    I am now amazing at counting in 4's 8's 16's 32's and 64's lol. True story. The main thing I can take FROM emc to my real life is the people I've met and the people I'll always remember :)
    My favorite 'sport' is downhilling, most don't consider it a sport but I love it with all my heart haha :p My favorite mod ;) I don't think any player on EMC can answer that without getting a beating after :3
    Once again I'd simply choose a DC of Iron blocks :D I love it haha :p And If you'd like me to list all of the countires I've been to I can in a seperate message as I believe this year I'll hit the big old 30 different countires haha :)
    Favorite block is still an Iron block ;) And I visit a pub once every 3 weeks maybe? I am only 16 haha :3
    Well with my old name being 'the_creeper_lord' I'm going to have to choose my evil little minions MUHAHAHA.... sh c: My most valuble possesion is actually my Grandads hornby train set, he left me it only a few months before he passed got bless his heart. Most people would think It's my bike but sentimental value comes before my own values.
    My favorite cookie is the white chocolate chip and nut cookie from subway????? You must have had one before haha. If I could have any promo it would probably be Max shoes :p Most people havent even heard of them haha
    Oh.... Any promo? It would most probably be Chain boots with unbreaking .20 and feather falling 10-20. I always be falling from the sky ;-; and NO. MY DAMN SHOES :3 So I'd keep them all to myself until i managed to collect around a DC maybe haha
    My biggest accomplishment on EMC would have to be both creating the res 7777 and meeting all of the plays I've met throughout my time playing EMC :) Also why EMC over other servers? Well thats a pretty simple two word answer, the community :) Ever been to those kit PvP, UHC and faction servers? The community is horrid over there. There are some nice servers out thre but I've never found one like this and trust me I've been searching for a good while.

    Also I'd like to apologise for the late responce I've been so busy and mainly revising like mad for my exam in 10 hours :p Night guys and see you al in 6 days :p Thank you!
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  3. What is your favorite highlight in life, and who is your greatest inspiration in EMC?
  4. Why do you play EMC?

    What is the meaning of life... to you?
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  5. 1 if you had one million ruppes what would u buy first?

    2 did u play any sports in primary?
  6. What is better: Cookies or UHC?

    Who is your favorite scrub?
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  7. EMC: What Public Utility do you find the biggest need for?

    Real Life: What kind of person do you want to be later in Life? (What personality would you have if you could choose?)

  8. Happy Birthday! :)
    What cheese do you like most?
    What would you like to see happen on EMC during this year?
  9. What's your favorite promo?
    This is hard! I like the pot of gold!
  10. I'm ever so sorry about the late replies! I'll get around to it tomorrow morning :) thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes