[Giveaway] Matts 17th Birthday! WOO (Sach stole my birthday by the way)

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Is my birthday better than DrEggs

Yes, too much egg over there 17 vote(s) 70.8%
Nein! We love the eggs! 7 vote(s) 29.2%
  1. If u like cats, what is your fav. breed?!
    What brought you to like minecraft?!
  2. Is Christmas your favorite holiday?

    Do you want to be a banker?
  3. Why thank you! :3 My favorite block on EMC has to be obsidian maybe... or Iron ;-; Or slabs! OR SANDSTONE AHHH, So yeah :3 Those ones haha. And honeslty the weather has been absolutely perfect for the past 3 days maybe, it's been 19+ degrees :D
    My favorite animal in minecraft has to be...Chickens :3 They just so small and cute! and great for farming c: I finish all of my exams mid to late June and as wel as my college course ending mid to late June, I then go on looking for an apprenticeship that interests me, I can do that as well as more college theory for 2 years hoping that by the end of the "training2 they decide to take me on full time :)
    My middle name is in fact Neill
    Woof and I've won UHC a fair bit in the past.
    By the end of the summer holdidays I will actually have visited just over 30 counties haha :p And I've killed wither skeletons and pigmen the most :p As I farm them both :D
    I'm actually Male as you can tell by my Profile picture ;) #Rekt and I like dark oak and birch the best! :D
    EMC my own creation has to be my half finished res #7777 I don't really know about other creations :p I'd feel bad picking one haha ;) Real life... Would have to be the church of the spilled blood in Russia, absolutely beautiful inside, stunning! I would suggest going :3

    Once again thank you all for entering, I'll try to answer more before I go to bed :)
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  4. Happy b-day! All my best wishes because you're now one year older! :D

    1. What's your favourite thing about EMC?
    2. How's life? :p
  5. I'm sorry I accidentally answered yours without quoting you I believe haha but anyway, I can't actually pick a favourite on the server as there really are some amazing builds on here! My favourite building? I accidentally said in someone else's quote :p it is in fsce the church of the spilled blood, I'm not a truly religious young man :p But it's absolutely beautiful inside!
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  6. I actually do truly hate both of you for this :3 I'd firstly like to say that it was truly amazing meeting two of my friends from a game.. face to fave for the first and hopefully not last time. Secondly however you didn't quite give me enough time to get into my pro modeling stance so thats why I don't look 100% :3 And hmm my most profitable purchase has to be the mincers I paid 15k for or the ore busters maybe :p
    Sadly I don't actually like cats :p they're vicious little buggers in my opinion!! Haha :p and when I was a lot younger the only thing thst brought me to minecraft was the free account my brother gave me but as I grew older K started to understand more and get involved in the community a lot more than I used to :)
    The summy holidsy is actually my favourite, I love visiting new countries with my family, memories last for a lifetime. Also.. I think I'd prefer to be a butcher ;) Friend joke.. (my last name is butcher)
    My favourite thing about EMC and the only thing keeping me here really is the community both in game and on the forums, mumble :p I love it haha. Life's going pretty well right now, I'm happy at the moment a little stressed but mostly happy haha
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  7. Congratulations! You're almost at 18 ;)

    • If you could travel back in time to meet any historical figure, which would it be?
    • If you were to get an infinite supply of any block, which would it be?
  8. How did I become DrEggs?
  9. Real Life: Do you watch anime? And what is it?

    EMC: How did you find Emc?
  10. How much time do you spend on EMC(forums and servers)?

    Can you relate things from Emc into your real life? Aka has EMC taught you something? If so what is it
  11. Happy Birthday Matt!
    Real Life question: What is your favorite sport?
    EMC question: Who is your most favorite mod?
  12. If you could get a DC of any block what block?
    Favorite place you have visited?

    Grats pat!
  13. What is your favorite Block?
    How many pubs do you visit per week? (If any)

  14. What is your favourite mob?
    Whats your most valueable possesion?
    Happy bday!
  15. Happy birthday Matt, What is your favourite type of cookie/biscuit, and if you could have any promo what would it be? :D
  16. Happy Birthday fellow Bull!

    2 q? Then...
    If you could create your own promo... What would it be?
    And would you keep it or give it away?
  17. What is your biggest accomplishment on EMC?

    Why did you choose EMC?
  18. Well I love Karl Marx for absolutely no reason at all, I kind of just love his work :D
    And infinate blocks would have to be iron blocks as I'm in love with iron blocks ;-; It goes with absolutely everything ;)
  19. Why did you leave to go get cookies?
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  20. Favorite item in Minecraft?

    Favorite year you were alive for?