[Giveaway] Giveaway of Idiotic Proportions!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by ThaKloned, Sep 29, 2015.

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  1. Giveaway of Idiotic Proportions!

    Ok so maybe it isn't the giveaway that is idiotic, it might be just me :D Here's the thing. It was early in the morning, I click on a link, placed a bid on an auction and that started my day into moron-ville. To sum things up, I was trying to place a bid on an auction for a Momentus Helmet but I guess my mouse clicked on the auction below which was a Marlix helmet. 'Oh yay', I shouted as I realized I bid 200k on an item I have no interest it buying and is approx. 100k more then it's worth :)

    The answer? Give it away! I couldn't have it sit in my chest mocking me every time I walked past it. Laughing at me ... it must be gone and it will be!

    Contest Information

    This contest will run to the end of October. This gives me more time to collect more goodies :). All who post will be entered in the draw for the Marlix Helmet (possibly more) Grand Prize. Please only enter once and do not use an alt account just to enter more times. Also this contest is not open to banned members. All Staff are free to enter as well. Besides the grand prize winner, I will draw 2 more names to win other prizes. (Prizes to be determined)

    There will also be a side contest. Since I failed so epicly and expensively, to enter this contest post simply post your favorite fail story/image/etc. (Just make sure to keep it within the rules please). I will pick my favorite and that person will also win something. If you want to enter both just post everything in the same post.

    As always, normal EMC rules apply. Let's keep this thread drama free and just have some fun!


    1st Place: #22 - whatkom
    Marlix Helmet
    Enraged Gaurdian Egg
    Enraged Zombie Egg
    3 Stacks of Iron Blocks

    2nd Place: #53 - padde73
    Dramanya Head
    Enraged Gaurdian Egg
    Enraged Zombie Egg
    2 Freedom Steaks
    2 Stacks of Iron Blocks

    3rd Place: #12 - Scarmanzer
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Enraged Gaurdian Egg
    Enraged Zombie Egg
    2 Freedom Steaks
    1 Stack of Iron Blocks

    Bonus: Best Fail Job: neonz59
    50,000 Rupees
    2015 Labour Day Bench

    Honorable Mentions: BCR & Kephras. They will be sent 25k each for such awesome fails :)

    Special thanks to legoace61, the auction host, who offered to work something out. That was very thoughful and appreciated but I placed a bid and must see it through.

    This post will be edited/updated once I have more information.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  2. 1. f_Builder_s
    2. MustangLover25
    3. StarEaterOnline
    4. xHaro_Der
    5. Keliris
    6. Kephras
    7. luckycordel
    8. FDNY21
    9. KJCHAV
    10. epic0258
    11. mercenaries2009
    12. Scarmanzer
    13. PlasmaBanana
    14. PMSubhan
    15. poofasaurus
    16. Dufne
    17. PenguinDJ
    18. bitemenow15
    19. LtCaptainMe
    20. cj12115
    21. Galantisizer
    22. whatkom
    23. Qkazoochan
    24. Abele
    25. DoctorMadFate
    26. Polymerized
    27. Salmatic
    28. WayneKramer
    29. tuqueque
    30. BCR
    31. AyanamiKun
    32. ChamelonNYC
    33. FluffyWitherDog
    34. Rhythmically
    35. FWRonald
    36. Jay2a
    37. Pab10S
    38. ww2fan168
    39. Hawkeye1954
    40. SkeleTin007
    41. Arystina
    42. EnderMagic1
    43. ElmofiedBoby
    44. jdog37
    45. Rhythmically
    46. Birosquinha
    47. golddigger221
    48. Miss_Peevle
    49. Mman
    50. Dj__Krazy
    51. Finalysm
    52. sam3984
    53. padde73
    54. Evesthery
    55. Deadmaster98
    56. MustangLover25
    57. iamfuturetrunks
    58. MustangLover25
    59. ObscureGolem
    60. neonz59
    61. PinkCaker
    62. SirLoneStar

  3. The biggest fail was probably your one :p
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  4. So contest over, I've already won! :D
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  5. I will enter!
  6. About a year ago, my friend was in Geography and was waiting to get their work checked. They leaned on a window but didn't realise it was open and fell through the window. Lucky for them, the drop was about 3ft and they managed to stop themself :p
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  7. My costliest mistake? That'd be getting banned a year ago, a 15 million rupee mistake >.>
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  8. If you dont mind me asking... How'd you get banned?
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  9. Real world trading
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  10. I will enter :) Nice mistake and my worst mistake was when my first account got banned about a year ago.
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  11. Sorry, I had to... :D

    Biggest fail? Probably my first week on EMC.
    Bobcat and one of his friends had built an outpost in the SMP6 wilderness, not too far from spawn. This was before regular users could /hide on livemap, so when I went out to visit, I was plainly visible.
    Well, some jacksauce griefer followed me, burrowed through the walls, started stealing and killing livestock and generally tearing the place up. No PvP so I couldn't do much to fight him off or stop him. Meanwhile Bobcat's on steam freaking out and doing absolutely nothing at all to help my nerves. Frantically, I assemble a flint & steel thinking I could at least fight him off with fire.
    I'd never played multiplayer Minecraft before, so I didn't realize you had to aim at a floor tile, and tried right-clicking on him. Which obviously didn't work. I then started clicking everywhere, in a complete blind panic now, and managed to light myself on fire instead. No armor, so I very quickly burned to death.
    Screen is red, I'm laying in a smoldering pile of my own failure, and I see him break a nearby bed, for good measure.
    I hadn't even slept in it.
  12. Will add that video to OP, great stuff. Great story too lol and sounds like what would happen to me as well :p
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  13. I seen that post:eek: just one of those day:oops:
    I would like to enter. thx
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  14. Enter me, please! I managed to sell a Max Res Voucher for 300k a while back, and now they are worth upwards of 1,500,000r per... I've made many other mistakes, but this one springs to mind when it comes to EMC! :p
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  15. I will enter!
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  16. i very much like this contest :p
    tho my mind is not able to remember any weird/stupid stuff i did :/
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  17. Seems nice enough. I'll enter as well!
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  18. Not gonna lie, I think one of the ultimate fails was when Manchildie (Archdukemelon) was trying to threaten me and instead of saying 'I will break your foot.' He said 'I will break your food.' Ever since then, it's been a joke between us :p
    Even Krysyy got involved (As seen in the top pic in my signature).
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  19. biggest fail on my part? selling the ONLY maxarias head in existance for 20k, because I had no idea it was the only one.

    i still cri :(:oops:
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