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Should I update this thread when I get more games?

Yes 18 vote(s) 72.0%
No 1 vote(s) 4.0%
Cake 17 vote(s) 68.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Thank you for doing this :D
    Is this game still available? Never played the Metal Gear Solid series, but heard great of them.
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  2. you won't be much with just the DLC ;)
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  3. This one please, and thank you! :D
  4. I thought I would like Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, but then I saw it's also on the Wii U shop, and then I'd rather get it on there, as I hardly ever use Steam and frequently use my Wii U. :) Thanks for letting me remember this game exists, then, I might once get it. :p

  5. This is a really thoughtful thing that you got going on here :)

    Could I get Yakuza 0 if it's still available? Thanks :)
  6. Steel Division: Normandy 44 If that’s still available :)
  7. Thanks again. I've been enjoying this game.

    Just in case anyone else is thinking about trying it, here's a little bit of review:

    There are some aspects of the game mechanics that are not clearly explained. I either had to figure them out by trial and error or go searching the internet for an answer. There are puzzle elements to the game, but I'm not referring to those. I'm talking about things like how to make use of a building that's supposed to provide an important in-game function, but the in-game instruction is not clear or extensive as it should be.

    Some aspects got a little grindy, but there was still enough variety to get through those things. There is missing info on certain limitations to getting resources that could put a player in a bit of a temporary bind if they were not careful with resource management.

    Overall I've found it to be a fun diversion, with a nice nod here and there to the classic/current game Dwarf Fortress. When I complete my first game, I will probably try a second just try the harder difficulty and see if I get a different loot stream that changes my decision making.
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  8. Could I please get:
    • Steel Division: Normandy 44
    That would be awesome!
  9. Done.




    Sorry, someone got to that before ya!
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  10. Can i get this one please?

    Also is there any chance you can resend the code for the other one i ordered?
  11. Whats even left?
  12. Check the first page for the current list of what's left.
  13. If you still got this that would be wonderful!
  14. All of these if possible :D
  15. Done, I don't know what the other game was I gave you.

    Done. Gave ya the DLC that goes with it!

    Gave ya Aaero! :D
  16. March 2019 Humble Monthly has been added!
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  17. Please :)
  18. i know
    i've already asked for a game
    but i've Always wanted to try this game
    any chance i could have it?
    i do understand if you don't want to give it :)

    edit: nevermind, thought of another game sorry :p
  19. The Dwarves