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  1. Since I am in a really good mood, and have been for a while, I've decided to give away a Gold Supporter Voucher. You can sell it, use it, or keep it.

    -No Alts
    -No Multi-Entries

    -Post a reply below, stating why you want supporter, how long you have played EMC, and why you joined.

    -Gold Supporter Voucher

    A random entry will be picked.


    -Only two referrals per person

    -Refer someone know you of that is eligible to enter this giveaway
    -Have the user put "(Your username) brought me"

    -1,000 R

    GIVEAWAY ENDS 9/1/2015
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  2. First and i am a supporter so good luck to everyone else and ty Nccoryg for doing this
  3. For a while on EMC I wanted supporter but couldn't get it, so I know the feeling.
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  4. Thanks for doing this giveaway! :) I want supporter for the extra residences that you earn while you are a supporter. I have been playing EMC for over half a year (even though it won't say on my profile) I joined because the tutorial looked well set up and organized.
    Edit: No one directed me to EMC, I just found it on a minecraft multiplayer server site.
  5. I have been a supporter who i would suggest to become a supporter would have to be
    Jacob5089 He has been a long term EMC player and he deserves the prize :D
  6. Why I want supporter: to make more money.
    How long ive been on emc: 7 months.
    Why I joined: I was bored of singleplayer.
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  7. I was a supporter once for one month, so this excludes me. But I wanted to say this is awesome you doing this giveaway! Thank you for doing this. Emc is what it is, because of players like you ^_^
  8. Well, I personally want supporter because I would like to have all the Perks of being one, and I havent have not have had tye chance to buy one yet. Ive been on EMC for 120-30 or so days. I first joined on March 23rd of this year. I joined because I was getting bored of Singleplayer, I found the forums by searching something about Bats. Something in the back pf my head told me to join when I saw the IP, and thus, I joined. I had no Idea of the great Times ahead, and now here I am, 6 or so months later, and I'll say, I think ive left my Walrus Shaped mark on this wonderful community here
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  9. I have been a supporter, thanks for doing this. I would refer Brandtitus he has been a member over 140 days and has never had a supporter he always helped people so he would deserve a supporter.
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  10. I (Jelle68) whould like a supporter at this account cause I'm building "something" at the residense of this account, and i whould like to have, res messages and other stuffs like that :D

    (when I don't win (I think so :rolleyes:) I'll just buy a voucher to be use)
  11. I forgot: I joined ~3 years ago, just cause Tomvanwijnen said it was (and is :D) a genious server.
  12. I don't want to participate in an attempt to become a supporter because I already am one and because I think others are much more deserving of your attention.

    What I would like to do is thank you for your generosity! It's events like these ("I just felt like it..") which can make the forums and community as a whole so much more fun! So yeah, kudo's to you Nccory!
  13. I would love to become a supporter as I am starting different reses with all of the public utilities and farms yuu could ever need, I have also just dedicated one of my new reses to a soon to be held event :3 I believe I have been playing for around 950 days (Event for 1000) haha. I initially joined EMC because my friend told me it was "A server like no others" and true to his words it was, as of why I'm still playing today. I would like to thank you so very much for this giveaway as rit is incredibly generous of you. Thank you.

    Edit.. I'm so sorry I seem to have misread the ruling. I was a supporter a few years ago so I don't believe I am eligible to take part in this giveaway. In this case I woulf like to 'Nominate' Snowybearr for this as he is an extremely kind and giving person. If snowy has 40 seconds spare in a day he will spend it helping you.
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  14. I want to be a supporter because I want to have a whole res just for my farm and animals so I can have more space on my first res to continue building. In addition I also want to visit utopia at least once before I finish my first year on EMC. I've been a member of the Empire since October 19, 2014 and been playing ever since. The reason I joined because I saw this was a server with custom mobs and a towny plugin. Plus its has more bosses so its not as boring as regular vanilla minecraft. But the main reason I joined was to make friends over a game I love to play.
  15. I would enjoy becoming a supporter because I haven't been one for a for a good few months. I joined around 1200 days ago and did so because of the welcoming community along with the economy aspect of EMC. Thank you for hosting :)
  16. I've only been here about 10 days, but the community is wonderful! I joined because I wanted an economy-focused but still semi-competitive server, and I seem to have found it. As to what I would do with it? I'm working on breeding the fastest non-white horse, so I'd use the extra residences, tp locations, and res tags towards that end.
  17. Hello :). I have been on dmc for 40 days. I want this voucher because i trade a lot of what i had for an in game voucher. It ends in a month :(. I need a new one. thanks! :)
  18. less than a month.. actually
  19. ^^And I joined because I was looking for a server with an awesome community/town/economy server :).