[GIVEAWAY] Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend Of Korra Fans Unite!

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  1. Hello All Fellow Avatar Fans!

    I am here today to host a giveaway in the honor of the 2 amazing TV shows Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra!

    If you enter this giveaway you have a chance to win the prizes:

    -Korra's Bending Champs Helmet; Protection IV, Respiration III, Aqua Iffinity I, and Unbreaking III
    -3 Spirit World Apples ( Enchanted Golden Apples )
    -Fire Nation Banner
    -Appa's Food ( 13 diamonds )
    -Momo's Food ( 14 Redstone dust )
    -Aang's Past Life's Wisdom ( Gold Block )

    To enter the giveaway you must comment who is your favorite character from Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra and why or which element you would like to bend ( earth, fire, air, or water. You could choose sand, metal, or blood but to blood bend u need to be a water bender, to metal bend and sand bend you have to be an earthbender. these are not the main elements and are harder to master. )

    On June 25th I will look through the comments and whichever one I like the most will win these wonderful prizes!

    !Good Luck To All!

    P.S. These TV shows are not on TV anymore I think, but you can still buy/rent them off of Amzon prime or buy the CD's. You can also watch every season of both of these shows at kissanime.com just go there search them up and choose the season/show your looking for than click the right episode and watch away!

    The Prizes Will Be Mailed To The Winner
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  2. I own the full original series (Avatar) on DVD and I absolutely love it. I also saw the original broadcast (in Holland) and that made the DVD so more special because in my opinion the English sound track is A LOT better than the Dutch one. Even though I honestly think the Dutch isn't too bad at all. They did manage to add a few emotions in there, but... it wasn't just good enough.

    I'd like to up the stakes and also throw in my favorite scene, but first...

    Toph, aka the Blind Bandit, is my absolute favorite character. Because you can learn so much from her when watching her. How did she, a blind girl, learn earth bending? Merely by hanging out with some animals and in a way "going back to nature". I'm not going to dig into this too deeply (pun intended) but there is so much truth to be found in there...

    And well, being a (former?) wrestling fan (WWF/WWE) I obviously heavily enjoyed the scene where Aang and his friends try to seek out the blind bandit while attending a "wrestling" aka "earth bending" match. With all the classic formulas which you see in real wrestling: who is the villain? Well, the main antagonist in the whole series is the fire nation, they try to oppress all the others.

    So obviously we got a contestant "fire nation man" who is of course heavily boo'd by the crowd. That one was a classic.

    But the main reason I like Toph is character building in the series. She starts out as a loner and quickly picks up the pase a bit. But it still takes her several episodes to really "get with the program" so to speak.

    Ok.... Favorite scene..

    At one point the gang heads into an underground library to find more information about Shooza's comet (wrong spelling) and during that moment the whole library starts to sink into the ground. Toph has to give it her everything to prevent it from getting burried during which Appa (the flying bison) gets kidnapped.

    This enrages Aang, and the very moment when they find the people who did it he actually loses his cool completely, almost immediately moves into the Avatar state and yeah... Which is when Katara manages to calm him down by merely grabbing his arm and looking at him. That shot... was a true masterpiece.

    Thank you very much for doing this!
  3. I dont remember the name of the character, but was a guy that had build flying machines and lived in an air temple.
    On legend of korra it would be Old Katara

    I would like to bend fire, specifically lightning(like Iroh)
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  4. I love the last Airbender, it was AMAZING!

    One of my favorite characters was Monk Gyatso. Although he was a really small character in the movie, he was extremely kind and took in Aang to be his Guardian.
    I don't recall his name, but he was played by Randall Duk Kim. (According to Google....;))
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  5. Iroh is my favourite
    oh and the cabbage man
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  6. Lol "Not My Cabbages!!"
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  7. My fav character is Boomy, i would be an earth bender because the martial arts style i am proficient at is very similar in its movements.
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  8. C'mon, surely we can do better than this? Let me bump this without bumping because I'm not allowed to bump (I think) so I'm going to turn this into a post (hidden bump, shht: don't tell the staff, it'll be our secret). No worries: they cannot read that because I was wearing my tin-foil hat :p

    More seriously...

    I like it that plenty of players got into the legend of korra. I'll be honest: I dind't like it one single bit. I saw the first two episodes but it just didn't add up to me (but I'll also be the first to admit heavy bias). So with that said I like seeing how others did enjoy both (hey; just because I didn't like it doesn't mean it has to be all bad!).

    So yeah.. c'mon you guys :) Water, Earth, Air, Fire... Long ago the four nations....

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  9. Aang, and I want to bend blood
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  10. Evil!
  11. I like the legend of korra but not as much as avatar the last airbender. I think Korra's life is interdused to fast, we see her as a baby for 1 min. then its her already a teen fighting her way through everything the complete opposite of Aang.
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  12. Hehe, one of my favorite scenes, I think in the episode after the library.

    Personally, my favorite character was Iroh. He was the old wise guy of the group of characters, and he had so much to share. Also, it was better to be on his side during a fight than against, cause he generally always won. :p

    I would want to be a fire bender, because Iroh showed that the best fire benders were not the angry ones, but the ones at peace within themselves. While fire is always dangerous, it also represents life and purity. Fire has been the core of many cultures throughout history, so the ability to control it would be amazing.
  13. I totally just finished watching Legend of korra season 2,3, and 4...
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  14. Oh I love Avatar! Best cartoon TV show ever! :D

    Okay so my favorite from Avatar: The Last Airbender was definitely Zuko. Loved him so much!
    My favorite from Legend of Korra was probably either Mako or Bolin. I liked the brothers, though I wasn't impressed with Legend of Korra all that much. I loved watching the first season (loved that ending episode), but the second season didn't impress me too much, and I just couldn't find the time to keep watching it.

    But I loved the original series so much!

    And my element would probably be water, because I always loved the idea of being able to control water, making it freeze and boil. It would definitely make boiling water (for tea or for noodles) a lot easier. ;)
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  15. Avatar The Last Airbender, is my favorite show, still have some good memories seeing it on nick. Had to wait a week for more episodes but it just made it perfect,sadly not able to say the same about the other seeing as how the network nearly drove The Legend of Korra to the ground but I still got to watch it and enjoyed it as well
    I gotta say my favorite character has got to be Soka, he was funny while also showing that you don't have to be all powerful and special to be important to the group, and he was also good at just being great overall.
    And for the Legend of Korra my favorite character has to be Verret or Verruk, you know the guy, he had a good attitude compared to some characters, and also many other things that I personally like like the whole business thing he had going on.
    Shame though how Nickelodien didn't even put that much investment into the Legend of Korra and the producers of the show, they didn't even put the last two seasons on air when they were first releasedFor a short period of time I thought the show was cancelled, reason being was they just put them online and rarely advertised it. Only saw two commercials advertising that it was online. Then i think," wow they did a heck of a good job on a show considering what happened."
    And also the bending I'd choose would be fire since it would allow me to lightning bend and yeah, I like lightning and also the ways of the Dragon c:
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  16. I like that show to :D :)