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  1. 25 chests full of random things that all need to go, all of it, i don't want a single chests here with even a single item.. it's all spring cleaning of things i will not use/have too much of, whatever else.
    so please, access signs galore.. be considerate of other people and don't take all 25 chests for yourself lol
    first come, first served!

    they'll be open for the next few days :) please, have at it.
    anything left over is just going to be destroyed in the fires of hell ^_^ lol

    RES 15246 ON SMP7


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  2. First! ;)
    I probably won't check it out though, or at least not take anything. I don't really need things anymore.

    Nice that you're doing this instead of just throwing it away, though.
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  3. I did my spring cleaning a few weeks ago... cleaned out 21 vault pages and 20 DC's of junk. ;)
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  4. i have so many things >_< ugh... lol curse for hoarding?
  5. OH NO! GIMMIE THAT BACK! lmfao i didn't realize that was there.. i ran over it fast and saw one little slab and thought it was just extra xD
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  6. Thanks for the food! :p
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  7. I'm definitely going to look, might even add something ;)

    Edit: and if I have the chance I'll definitely nab something to dump in my "community chest" in my shop (got a chest in which I often leave freebies as well).
  8. By the way: *15246
  9. 15246*
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  10. nope, its got a 5.
    i did have it say '15746' because i suck with numbers and dyslexia hates me. :)
  11. Thanks for this :) Grabbed a few dyes and bones.
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  12. Yay, sugar :l
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  13. Thanks a lot batmeg! Really appreciate the gesture.

    I took: Stack of sugar, stack of melon seeds, one egg, one bread, half a stack of potatoes, one stack of mushrooms, one broken dia shovel, one iron helmet, 8 bowls and one pressure plate (also making sure I left stuff for others, didn't take without leaving). All these items will be placed in my community chest on smp2 ;)

    And for myself I took 1 stack of enderpearls, 2 dye's and 9 stacks of dirt (such a greedy guy I am ;)).

    Thanks again!
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  14. Okay, I was wrong, I did check it out :p
    People before me already took everything of worth, though.
    Oh no, wait, there's still some melon seeds, a wooden pickaxe and some other things left.
    Looks like I was too late, though ;)
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  15. 9 full chests left, anyone need dirt?! lol you know you want some dirt...
  16. Is it Special Dirt?
  17. what do you mean by special dirt? lolol
  18. Special Dirt doesn't exist, only Not So Special Dirt does, if I remember right.
  19. what were the 41 pink and black blocks in skydragons picture?
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