[GIVEAWAY] 50K Rupees

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by AsternFlyer624, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. my 1 year on the empire is coming up so to celebrate i decided to have a giveaway.

    how to enter- say what your favorite EMC promo or special item is (you can explain why if you want to
    but its not required) and that's it.

    rules- no alternate accounts

    since i'm a little late on announcing this i wanted to give people time to enter instead of giving them 2 days so on the 17 at midnight nobody can enter. the winner will be announced sometime the next day and they will be chosen using random.org.

    Thanks and good luck!!!!
  2. My Donkey Rudolph.
  3. The empire fireworks!
  4. Pi pie :D
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  5. Ham Hacker! :D
  6. Holiday Picks
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  7. Congrats on 1 year!

    My favourite promo is the Chicken Skewer.
  8. Avalauncher
  9. Congratz on your first year on EMC!
    My favorite promo is the Ore Buster :)
  10. Congratulations on one year!
    My favourite promo item is my 2014 Empire Firework
  11. Valentines 2013 Gift

    Because i accidentally placed it on the ground and it turned into a normal rose 3 years ago, and Aikar had to edit another one for me.. And now it looks slightly different from the rest :p

    Also, congrats on 1 year of being on EMC! :)
  12. Congratulations on one year of EMC, and thanks for holding this giveaway! :)

    My favourite promo, hmm, well, I'm not really a promo user, but if I'd have to choose one, it would be to Labor Bench 2015, because it's one of the few promos I actually can use, and it's useful, and it' blue :p And I have a crapton of them lol
  13. Happy one year, My favorite EMC promo is the Mineral Mincer :D
  14. Congrats on one year! My favorite is the Dancer.
  15. Ty for the giveaway and happy one year.
    Favorite promo for me is the 100k armor and tools.
  16. Thanks for the giveaway!
    My favorite promo is the Dragon Poop and Super Dragon Poop
  17. Thanks for the giveaway, and happy 1 year.
    My Favorite promo are easily lucky bows
  18. My favourite is the Dasher since its fast and LUV CHRISTMAS <3
  19. Thanks for hosting a giveaway :)
    and, I think my favourite promo is the labor bench 2014 or the pie pie... the pie pi because I love maths, and the labor bench because it's the only promo I use and 2014 because the labor bench 2014 is the oldest promo I do still have wich I get from /promo.
  20. I do love dasher, fast :) Congrats on 1 yr.