[GIVEAWAY] 500 days of epicness!

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Have you heard of me?

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  1. Hey guys! Today i have been here on this epic empire for 500 day! :D 500 days seem like alot but its really not because i had so much fun! :) I would have done a big rupee giveaway but sadly i cant for i dont really have that much rupees :p But what i am going to do is giveaway a Labour Bench and a Empire Firework 2013. To win these items all you have to do is enter a number and you will be entered into the draw. I will use Random.org to select the winner so its all fair :) So thats really all i have to say but before that im going to post a few friends that have been faithful and helpful and all that stuff in between! :D (Please dont be offended if i forget some of you im only going to post a few for if i posted them all you would be reading for days :p)

    Best Friends:

    nick5013 aka Melon Man!
    Bigdavie (Thanks for all the mob arenas!)
    Aikar (Thanks for all the new updates)
    IceCreamCow (Thanks for all the events)
    And the rest of the staff to! :D

    I probably left loads out but those are one of the top of my head. :)

    Numbers for Giveaway:
    1 BraxtonPH
    2 Defluxer
    4 xothis_dwarf
    6 carolmoss
    7 PlayTehMinecraft
    9 hYLiF3
    10 MoeMacZap
    11 TomvanWijnen
    12 skrillexrocks500
    14 sonicol1
    15 chizmaro
    16 generalfelino015
    17 PureBredGaeliage
    18 72Volt
    19 cucamber
    20 Ark_Warrior1
    21 FDNY21
    22 snow_freak
    23 Dj__Krazy
    26 trent948
    29 stephan9r9r
    30 FatAndyTheGreat

    Thanks all of you! :) I hope ill be here for another 500 days and more! :)

    Feel free to ask a question if you like but you dont have to but ill gladly answer all the questions to the best of my ability :)
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  2. 21 please ;) Glad to hear you are enjoying it here! I hope to see you for a while longer :)
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  3. 4 please :) congrats on 500!
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  4. 14 Please and congratz for 500 days!
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  5. 6 please :)
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  6. 7 please :D congratulations on 500 days
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  7. 26 plz and congrats
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  8. 22 please, Gratz :D
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  9. Oh, and Gadget, I saw you add me to the list after I had posted, naughty :p
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  10. 15, I know you! Hard not to remember a blue beard..
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  11. When i seen your post i was like "man i forgot FD! "
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  12. Hehehe keeps me warm :p
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  13. 17 please my GMT bruddah!
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  14. 9 Please! :p Congratz dude!
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  15. 23 please...
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  16. Howdy and congrats.

    I'll take #1.
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  17. Congratulations on 500 days!
    11 please :)
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  18. 16 plz, congratz in getting 500 EMC days :D.
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  19. 18, here's to the next 500 days!
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