[GIVEAWAY] 200,000 members - 200,000 rupees!

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  1. gg emc! 200k
  2. Congrats to EMC and thanks for this giveaway!
  3. thanks for the giveaway :D
  4. 2nd (page)!
    Thanks for the give-away! We hit 200k!
  5. Wohoo! Yay for Emc!!:)
  6. Dang, 200k O_O
  7. Wow, lots of rupees you got there :D
  8. Awesome! Thanks!
  9. Good luck to everyone! :)
  10. Wow! Thanks!! :D
  11. I love how easy it is to enter into this thing. Most people ask for questions or some actual thought, but you get right to business. For making things easy for us, I will write a very long post explaining the history of the (fake) Jupitarian miner/farmers. Thousands of years ago, three jupitarians were living on Jupiter. They were all mining the rocks have a great day when one of them suddenly exclaimed, "Dudes, we are on Jupiter!" The others responded by throwing him off the mountain. The second one, named Bill, suddenly exclaimed, "We just threw Joe off of a mountain!" The other one threw his pick onto the ground and ran off into the distance never to be seen again. Hundreds of years later, a mentally disturbed miner was discovered in a cave. When asked what he was doing there, he suddenly exclaimed, "I want 100 thousand rupees!"
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  12. Satan's Luck GOOOO!!!
  13. Back in my day we only had 50k
  14. 200k, wow. Grats EMC!
  15. Please enter me! Thanks :D
  16. What a kind gentleman. Thanks for giving back to the community :3