[GIVEAWAY] 200,000 members - 200,000 rupees!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by jrm531, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. 200000? that's a lot of people..I wonder how many are alts
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  2. Congrats for 200k members EMC!
  3. FREEEEEEE MONEEEEEEY!!!! hehehehe yay!
  4. I'd like to enter XD
  5. Enter me in Mr person
  6. I would like to be entered, and 200,000 is a big number.
  7. Uh... Did I miss it?
  8. FREE MONEY!!!! Congrats to you EMC!
  9. And the winners are...

    Thank you to all who participated. Rupees have been sent to the winners.
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  10. Woo thank you!
  11. Aww we'll thanks for being nice. :)
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  12. Sean likes free money :| thiefers. XD
  13. Congratulations to EMC on 200k members :) It seems like not that long ago the 60k items were sold.