[GIVEAWAY] 200,000 members - 200,000 rupees!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by jrm531, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Hey! Thanks & Count me in good luck everybody!!! :D
  2. Awesome. This giveaway is going to be cool.
  3. Rich people = awesome guys :) please enter me in, this is going to be sweet!
  4. Wow congrats on 200,000 members that's almost as old as my mum! :D dont tell her I said that please :) and yeah I'd like to be entered in. I need money to finish of my mall :)
  5. ill enter thanks :)
  6. I'll enter now. Why wouldn't I?

    Good luck to everyone!
  7. Count me in! Congrats with the great milestone :)
  8. yayyyy
    Good luck guys ;)
  9. #nothingtolose :)
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  10. Staying in the shadows.
  11. Yes, feel free to enter with alts.
  12. Thanks for doing this!

    Hey where are the 200k promos?
    Last I saw was 60k promos.
  13. 80k promos came out recently...
  14. Sweet giveaway! :)
  15. 200,000r! ME WANT! thanks for hosting!
  16. hey :p well done emc :p
  17. Woot, thanks jrm ;) I know alts are allowed but I'll probably just stick to this one, I like a good gamble... Good luck all :p
  18. Woo, go EMC! Thanks for the awesome giveaway JRM <3
  19. What were they?

    Ok, so 60k, 80k, ....... but no 100k, 150k, 200k... makes sense :)
  20. That was forum members i think
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