[Giveaway] 100 Thousand RuppeZ

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Which possibility should we go with?

Poll closed Apr 5, 2015.
100k to 1 person 17 vote(s) 23.9%
50k per to two people 9 vote(s) 12.7%
25k per to four people 15 vote(s) 21.1%
20k per to five people 10 vote(s) 14.1%
10k per to ten people 20 vote(s) 28.2%
  1. Hey everyone, I'm back again with one of my good ol' giveaways! I'm giving away a total of 100,000 rupees, and you guys can choose how I do it.

    Here are the possibilities. I'll include them in the vote above, so vote there.

    100,000 Rupees to One person.
    50,000 Rupees per to Two people.
    25,000 Rupees per to 4 people.
    20,000 Rupees per to 5 people.
    10,000 Rupees per to 10 people.

    Which ever choice gets the highest number of votes Sunday at midnight (or whenever the poll closes if I mess it up) will be how many people the extremely generous SkareCboi will choose. He will then tell me the players who won and I will pay them.


    Say why you love EMC.
    Do NOT use alts.
    You must also Vote in the poll.

    If you are chosen, but you do not qualify, we unfortunately must choose another person.
  2. I love EMC because of the community :) Thanks for doing this giveaway Bro!
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  3. I love EMC because...

    I also love EMC because it is full of people who like to work together, except when there is a 100k rupee prize. We then want it all for ourselves.
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  4. I love EMC because Yolo. And cuz it has good community and fun things and stuff. Stuff n Things.
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  5. I love EMC since its way better compared to other Minecraft servers I have played (Due to the community)
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  6. I really like EMC for the economy aspect and as well as many great community members :)
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  7. I love emc because well how could you just chose one reason I mean this community is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. The variety of things to do. How can a person be bored.
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  9. I know everyone's already said it, but I love EMC for the people!
    There are lots of great players to chat, mine, and build with, and even socially awkward me has made some friends. Plus you can't beat the community of professional, active, and often entertaining staff. :)
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  10. I love EMC because it's one of the very limited servers that have yet to update to 1.8, while still not using name changes.
    This is almost like a very exclusive club, and I feel EMC is makes us all feel special with this exclusivity!
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  11. Now, the obvious answer is the community, because it makes EMC what it is, but I'll say something a bit different. I love EMC for how well-organized it is.
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  12. I love EMC for lots of things (community, variety, economy, all the great builds, etc), but one of my favorite aspects has got to be the horses. The way that the stats are recorded is unique from any server that I've played on since horses came out on minecraft. It makes it a lot more fun to strive for a certain set of stats, rather than just "a fast horse". I've spent my entire time on EMC trying to improve my horses' stats, and start a successful business. It's always fun to eggify a horse after breeding and checking seeing a good speed/jump/hp. The market for horses is quite large, so it's always fun to have a race or other competition :)
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  13. i love emc because this community is different than any i have been apart of before. I just love all you guys
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  14. I love emc because it is so well reformed, that I have become an apparition, while all suggestions are taken in rejiggerment.
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  15. I Love EMC as it has helped me alot, as the community is very friendly. They are all very supportive and even more staff. Staff are understanding and supportive about everything, and will help with any conflicts between players.
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  16. I love EMC because we have an unbeatable community. It is what holds our server together, and what makes it so outstandingly unique. And we have giveaways...don't forget giveaways :p
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  17. The amazing community. Everyone always cares about everyone.
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  18. I love EMC because of amazing people like you who do giveaways like this. :)
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  19. I luv EMC,... Its the People, also its, Minecraft! :D
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  20. I love EMC, because of the way the servers are laid out, and the programming specialty items/mobs/events, and the community of course! :D
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