[GIVEAWAY] 1 Year Celebration Giveaway

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  1. Hello, my follow EMCers!;) I have now been on for a year as of last month. The longest I've ever been on a server.:eek: That says something about EMC! The Community vibe can't be beat, yall are great! So I am going to giveaway 250,000 rupees to a lucky winner. Using a random number generator.

    To enter:
    Tell me, What your Dream Car would be.(If it floats, Flies, or Drives I don't care)

    Rules:, Uhh... Rules
    Your post number will be your number, so don't ask for one. You already have one:D
    One post per player
    No Alts Please
    Dead line to post will be March 31st @ midnight EMC time:D
    I will announce the Winner, Sometime on April Fools Day!:rolleyes:
    Staff is welcome
    Good Luck Everybody!:D
  2. Number 24 is the Winner! Congrats to LoneStarInc!

    2016 Dodge Ram 2500HD 4x4 painted in Browning camo
    With the following additions:
    • 3 in. body lift
    • 7 in. suspension lift
    • 35" Toyo tires
    • Custom roll bar with kc lights that sits over a double-opening black powdercoat tool box
    • Custom bedrails that sit behind the toolbox
    • Bedliner
    • Metal extended bumpers with grille guard and dual winch with skid plate
    • bullet-proof glass all around the cab
    • Next-gen HUD and all gadgets inside the cab
    • frame-secured gun well under back bench
    • aftermarket hoses, fans and filters
    • Flag rack attachment on the roll bar to attach a few flags to
    There's a bunch more, but I feel like most people wouldn't want to pour through the technical stuff.

    Thanks for the contest, but more importantly, congratulations on being here for a year! Glad to have you, hope you're around for another! And good idea for a thread!
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  3. If I could get any car.. Ferarri.. What kind? All of them of course. :p

    EDIT: Thanks for the giveaway.
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  4. That would be a Beetle. Cabrio, a black one. :) Nice giveaway initiative.
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  5. ... wait, you want me to pick just ONE car? do you know what you're asking? do you realize how hard an extreme car lover i am can't just pick one!????? what am i ganna do with that!? HOW AM I TO PICK!?

    well, you never said just one. soooo

    2015 mustang shelby cobra
    1964 mustang convertable
    1965 mustang fastback
    1969 mustang sportsroof
    1978 mustang II

    R34 (MUST be in electric blue)

    2014 ford raptor

    2015 jeep wrangler rubicon

    2014 subaru wrx sti (MUST be in electric blue) with a decently sized spoiler

    1969 camaro
    2015 camaro

    ... i am pretty sure my list is a lot longer than that.. but whatever, these are good for now. xD
  6. As you probably seen, I didn't list mine neither, I would still be typing it. ;) lol
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  7. 2014 lamborghini gallardo is wat I want
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  8. Vroooom, Vrooom! I meant Bump. :D
  9. My perfect car would be a 4x4, able to traverse any terrain, but would also be fast, very fast. It'd be cool if it had some sort of AI too, could drive itself and do complicated stuff like dodging obstacles and... oh my...
  10. I like the Lamborghini :p
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  11. Koenigsegg Agera RS because I can dream :p
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  12. Waiting for Fendy's post :rolleyes:

    My dream car is either a Lamborghini or a Maclaren.

    Happy one year!!
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  13. 1967 Dodge charger
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  14. My dream car would have to be a Hellcat Charger, or Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
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  15. Dream car would probably be an Aston Martin DB11
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  16. Any mustang
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  17. I have to say, my dream car is a sleek, red and white Plymouth Fury. If anyone's seen Stephen King's Christine... maybe you understand XD

    This is awesome. :D
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  18. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    I'm a sucker for the Nissan GTR. I just love how it looks especially the new sleek models Nissan is putting out. It's a practical sports car that could be bought if I save up.
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  19. My dream car would be the Hennessey Venom GT. :p
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