[GIVEAWAY] 1 Million Rupee Super Kit + 1 Year Anniversary A.M.A

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  1. 1. Alright its late 2016...I've finally gotten to a place where my gear has some decent enchantments and its time to expand. I set out through the frontier with what I thought was just a random player I've befriended over the last 6 months. We traveled through thick and thin over the overworld and finally set up camp on a beautiful jungle island. We Founded the SPQR Isles together and began to build up our town establishment Riverwood. Little did I know that we would still be friends nearly 6 years later! This server introduced me to one of my dearest friends without him im certain I would have abandoned this server many years ago. My life is forever changed thanks to EMC.

    2. I would display these items as a reminder of an era of EMC. To remind us and the generations to come of the legacy that has been and still is EMC!:D
  2. So many memories, .... where does 1 begin and which one deserves to be shared above all others? One does not simply play on EMC and NOT have something incredible, funny, outrageous or memorable happen to them. Thinking back on all I've been involved in I'd like to share some shorts on a few things before I get into 1 memory that comes to mind.

    When I was born on SMP2 I had ShelLuser and SSRC as mentors of who inspired me the most. Their involvement in the communities and how they gave back determined the kind of path I wanted to take on EMC. I became part of ShelLusers group called GRIP - In short we restored and helped players who were griefed. This was back before buildmode and other safeguards that are in place now but we always helped anyone in need. Today I took that a step further and am part of a rescue group. If a player dies and needs help with recovering lost gear, defeating a boss or enraged mobs or is stuck inside a buildmode structure and needs a group TP out I provide support.

    All that and many stories from founding our Outpost to all the members and builds, adventures, mishaps etc are all very precious to me and I could write a book on everyone and everything that happened but I think I'd like to share a memory that made me the monster fighter I became. This is a story of what taught me to become a great warrior.

    #1. I was newish to the server, been on for several months and was getting braver in the wastes. I never went to the wild at this point but I liked the nether. This was before enraged mobs and if you weren't supporter you could only see chat that was local. Basically dead silent. (I miss those days sometimes). But I wanted a beacon and because I was too poor to pay the 100k they sold for at the time I thought no big deal, I'll kill a wither how hard could it be.

    I already had the skulls and all diamond armor with enchants. I doubt it was maxed but had something on it, I truly forget. I went to Nether waste and pretty close to spawn I found a flattish area that didn't have much lava around. I built a tiny netherrack hidey hut several block away from where I made my very 1st wither ever. 1st in my MC life. He spawned, went boom and in secs I was dead, so fast I didn't know what happened. No really! I didn't know what the wither effect was, what his firing heads did, how he moved. I knew NOTHING before hand! I died over and over again but after the 2nd death (My back up gear) All I cared about was to get my stuff back and I'm outta there. Each attempt made him blow up Everything I had. I gave up, defeated. I lost literally every piece of gear and weapon I had.

    After a few weeks I finally rebuilt what I lost, thanks to players. I was NEVER gonna face a stupid - who-invented-this-dumb-thing-anyway Wither again! Well... I happened across a wild Wither close to spawn but this time he was stuck in a lava lake. I really wanted revenge but I wanted to watch someone else kill 1 so I could see the technique. I forget who but someone from chat came out and blasted away at him with arrows. The entire time he never moved at all from the lava lake. He was stuck on something. After 20 mins the other player had to go. There he was, a stuck, helpless wither and all I had to do was shoot him. Sure, his drops would be destroyed but I didn't care. At this point I wanted my 1st wither kill.

    I reloaded and geared up back in town and came back and started blasting arrows at this helpless thing.... Until! .. All of a sudden he came ripping up outta the lava and tore after me. (His health just dipped past 50% and he chases you but I had no clue) I freaked out and tore off mining away from him as fast as I could. He was between spawn and me so I was trapped. After I realized he was no longer chasing me I came back and realized he couldn't fit in my lil 1x2 tunnel. I hatched a plan. I made a long tunnel and I would come back out, shoot him a few times and run back and hide. Well, I got too close to him once and he started the real chase. Destroying block so fast and gaining on me. I turned but it was dead end! The wither was coming at me and I was on a cliff with a giant lava lake below me. Without time to think and NOT wanting to die to this Blasted creature again I jumped into the lava lake.

    It was just after I jumped I realized what I did. I have no fire potions and your gear was burnt up in lava and destroyed at this time. I wasn't gonna let that Wither destroy my gear, I'd rather jump into a lava lake and lose it all that way than die to him. ... and I destroyed myself so the wither couldn't. . The End.

    I don't remember when I actually killed my 1st wither but it was quite some time after that and it took a long time to practice and die and try again and die. But that experience made me try and try again. That's my most memorable Waste story of how a Wither wrecked me bad and taught me to never give up.

    If it wasn't for the players who helped me restore my gear and teach me tricks I don't think I'd be the player I am today. It makes me think. There's really 2 players who stand out in my EMC life. There's so many that mean so much to me in diff ways but there's 2 players that I am so close to and who are so special to me. Typing this up made me think of them as I reminisced over memories but I miss you NDubb424 and Glad you are my best friend EfficiencyV.

    And to all of you, Thank you for making EMC special to me and all the memories we have and will build. There are so many of you who are very special to me as well.

    #2. This gear, if I were to be the winner it would have a special place in my heart for all the battles I've been through but how I would use it would be to admire it for a short time and knowing myself I'd auction / donate it off to a worthy cause and let another player enjoy how awesome it is! I'm always giving something back to the community and this would be treated the same. I'd keep it in the loop and maybe do a giveaway like this of some sorts. Who knows :)

    Edit in: Nah.. I gotta go kill a Wither with it just to make a complete circle. Then I'd be ready to part with it.

    Thank you for bringing up such fond memories.

  3. It's late so I will just do a quick story. I am generally a player that likes to build things and stay away from danger, but at some point I ventured up enough courage to find and go to 'the end'. I was having a good bit of fun and getting a little cocky and invited gX4ZDe73QafmMVxq to join me. He has a bit more experience than I and is a better fighter, so we were flying around raiding end cities/ships. At some point I told him to follow me and leaped into the air, only to become completely confused and disoriented. I could not figure out which way was up and sure enough seconds later I and all my equipment ended up in the void. I was terribly confused! I chatted to gX4 and asked where he ended up, and found out that, wing man that he was, he had faithfully followed me to the same disastrous end. When we finally determined that yes, all of our equipment was gone forever, I think he was just about ready to quit playing. Feeling terrible (and responsible), I managed to refit him with most (but not all) of the gear he lost. While we are very different players, we've remained friends and still get together once and a while and laugh about our disastrous flight to THE VOID. He is the first player I call when I want to have fun fighting Janis, the ender dragon! Oh, and yes, now I use waffle's flight attitude mod and have yet to tumble back into the void since that time.

    One other fun memory, is me wondering how it was that people could find sheep in the game that had unusual colors like Magenta. Other empire minecraft players took mercy on me and explained that you can dye a sheep and that once you do, the color becomes (somehow) a part of the sheep's DNA. I still laugh about my stupidity and how nice everyone was about it.

    If I win the prize, I would probably display it for a little while and then gift it to someone (to be determined) who is good at rescuing players. I've been in several situations in the nether, either just flat out needing help or - trying to help someone else and ending up in need of help myself...and in every occasion someone has been good enough to drop everything and help.

    Enjoy everyone, and cya!
  4. My favorite memory from the wild/waste took place in the wild a year ago.
    If I won the giveaway I would use many of the items for boss fights, give some of the stuff to friends and use some of it for pvp.

    While I was at my res doing some building, and I saw someone looking to buy an infinity mending bow. I had an extra and was interested in selling, so I messaged them. They wanted the bow, but they were interested in trading for in since they had no rupees. They said I could take 2 shulker boxes full of anything I wanted from their treasure room in exchange for the bow, but i would have to get to their base in the wild. I tried asking what was in the treasure room, but they dodged the question and had to leave telling me they would be on at 8pm the next day. I couldn't have been more curious. The next day I waited anxiously for them to get on. When they did I tried to get more answers to my questions. Why couldn't they meet in town? What was in the treasure room? This time they were more willing to answer. I was told that they don't go to town. And he can't tell me what is in the treasure room, but the trip will be worth it. I agreed to the trade at his base in the wild. Looking back I had no idea what I was agreeing to. They gave me directions to the rails that would take me to him. I was excited and in a hurry. Within 10 minutes I put together my gear and followed his directions. It took me 20 minutes to find the rail and start it up. Finally I asked him how long I would be on the rails. He replied " About 4 hours. " I was in complete shock. I couldn't imagine how far I would have to travel and all on a minecart, I was still interested and ready to go. 20 minutes into the journey at 9 pm the same day they had to leave, but told me if I there was a problem or needed help I could message their friend Mr_Muchly. A few minutes later I messaged Mr_Muchly, I needed more answers. I asked Mr_Muchly questions about the trip and the player. Mr_Muchly told me that the trip was long, but worth it. Mr_Muchly mentioned he had his own base in the wild. I told Mr_Muchly that I 'd have to go soon. He offered to let me set my spawn and get some more food at his base before I left.
    I agreed and got to his base 10 minutes later. It couldn't believe what I saw. Mr_Muchly's base was multiple islands he made, some connected with bridges. All having gorgeous buildings and decoration. The next day I left Mr_Muchly's Islands and got back on the minecart. 2 hours later I started seeing things created by the player. Large towers and pyramids. Getting closer there began to be more impressive buids more intricate and impressive than I can explain. Finally I got to the base. It was a series of houses, towers, a pond and of course the treasure room all surrounded in giant stone walls. At 8pm the player was on again, I told him I got there and found them. They took me on a tour of the base, and the very last place we visited was the treasure room. Which was truly impressive. I took the two shulkers of items we agreed on and gave them the bow.

    This is my favorite memory from the wilds of EMC. Not because what I gained, but because of the journey and seeing the amazing things they build.
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    And, will respond to the stories at the end :)
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  6. Where do I start?

    I remember this taking place around 2015?-2016.. I was with one of my EMC friends who has long since quit the server (last seen 616 days ago), and we were out in the wastelands.
    Me being a young kid back then, I had decided to go with difficulty 10 and he did the same.
    A creeper had managed to sneak up on us and it exploded. He ended up dying from the explosion, but I didn't. He dropped his head, and I still have it to this day. Though back then it was mildly terrifying being snuck up on by a creeper, it's hysterical now when I think back on it.

    However, around 2019-present day, I began to avidly hunt the minibosses that EMC has. Four had spawned in my area on difficulty eight, and I managed to defeat two of them at the same time. It was pretty crazy looking back.

    The Kit:
    If I won the Super Kit, I would use it as a reminder of how time can really change our lives, and mainly giving myself a reminder of this era of EMC's history.
  7. My very first survival experience with mobs in minecraft was on a LAN game amongst family members. I decided to take on a couple of mobs at night-time just to prove to my son that I was listening to him teaching me how to fight the mobs. It was a spider, it hissed and crawled after me, I clicked furiously and another female in the house squealed and yelled something like "you're gonna die!" Fast forward to that I did NOT die but I drained hearts like no one's business. Lesson there was that I never remember to eat while fighting.

    Then months and months later forward to joining EMC. Went to several Miner Manias and Midnight Miners in the Waste. Favorites were with Saz because of the atmosphere and they were usually near a spawn and easier to find. There was one of the last ones I remember where --redacted-- and friends --redacted-- decided to cover the entire community area in buttons and levers.:eek: It was like a MINE field, and all the clicky noises. Ick! The rest of the group were off taking on an Enraged Ghast pair and a Soringa and came back to find the button mines everywhere.
    Since I had tried fighting Bosses with some of the group. Died and learned a bit = use a bed, chest for your items and backups: arrows and food! Next time I was out mining and an Eyender showed up, I decided to try it. Kept forgetting to eat...:oops: Wound up needing rescued and a few replacement gear/weapon bits. But I always had levels from trading so they were pretty easy to remake.
    Finally killed a Boss on my own, it was a Momentus ofc. Then I decided to tackle the nether... approximately the same story but minus the buttons. Lava and I have a wonderful hide and seek relationship, I hide from it and it seeks me :confused: and I always forget to eat in the nether and sometimes might have survived the lava if I had. :oops: So good food matters - Got it!

    More time passes and I agree to go to the End. I take good food, not bread and plan to eat it. I don't keep f3 open and fly in the void and get lost then don't know where is up.... :mad: Try it again a month later with someone else. Guess? I fly poorly and die in the void. But this time I have killed my first shulkers! But lost them in the void.

    I have yet to have a good hunting trip into the End, but it will happen someday. Until then, I have my good ol' trusty lessons learned:
    place a bed - use a chest/echest for your stuff - take/use good food: steak at the worst and g'apple at the betters - watch where you are flying! and if you don't fly much, then you should practice a little more and I now invest the time into looking into/installing flight mods (because I HATE having f3 open)

    If I were to win the kit, I would let Dreamyfeather or someone take me out Boss slaying. I might be able to live long enough with some of that gear :cool: On the other hand, something of it might end up being prizes for build contests at new Midnight Miner events (if they get going again) or a Big Dig! Something of the fun that I remember having with some of my first time here.
  8. My favorite memory was getting lost 50k blocks away from spawn. I put my stuff in a shulker, lost the shulker, and walked the 50k blocks to spawn.

    If I got the kit, I would use it. and i would be happy. and i would use it to not die. every time i die i almos survive. just having one extra healh would make me live
    also cessna
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  10. 1. My favorite memory has to be wasteland looting with buddies, just being out there and mining/looting the local populace(sorry villagers) all the while making jokes and having a grand old time. Very little in this game beats having fun with friends and just messing about.
    2. If I won the kit I'd put it on display with my slowly growing promo collection(Thanks dras for starting me out with the collection and helping me build it up with tips and tricks). A Steel armor piece would be an amazing centerpiece for the growing collection and tons of extra promos could go a long way to filling my promo collection chests.
    1. What's your most prized item on the server?
    2. Apple, pumpkin, peach or keylime pie?
    3. [Redacted]
    4. What is your favorite emc memory?
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  11. 1. Hmmm so if I had to say an item...the honest truth is that while I do have all sorts of fancy collectibles, I genuinely don't feel "attached" to them in the same way as my head collection Wall of Friends.
    I mean I like collecting promos but it's more in the sense of "this is a better way of storing money."

    My most prized possessions are definitely the player heads, because each has its own story of something I did with that person, conversations, memories, etc.

    2. Apple 1000%. Apple pie is so superior to anything else it's not even funny. Definitely my favorite dessert.

    3. :p

    4. I did answer the question of "my favorite wild memory" earlier :)
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  12. 1. What's your favorite/funniest memory of adventures in the frontier/wastelands of EMC?
    First time in the nether following my daughter (on emc) and somehow I fell into a 1 square 2deep lava hole..... dead.

    2. If you won the Super Kit, how would you use the items?
    Out at our smp6 base I would thrash and trash all the nasties I could find.

    3.If you'd like, you can also take this moment to do the traditional "Ask Me Anything"
    Yes I shall, which of the head(s) on your wall are the most sentimental for you and why? And if you listen to music while in EMC which type/group is it?
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  13. Some good adventures were probably following around hackers and seeing what weird and stupid shenanigans they would get up to, since that's very much outside the daily routine of building stuff and fighting mobs that a usual adventure consists of.

    An instance that sticks out is when 2 players held a race between their flying boat and flying horse through the wastelands, for those curious the boat won.

    Another is a lovely piece of karma from someone using xray to dig to diamonds:

    Both them and the diamonds ended up burning up in that lava.

    Money is money, most of it shall be sold.
  14. I should like to know your favorite game/event on Emc.
    Since you took a long break, there should be some from before and then maybe something from now?

    Off the top of my head are:
    Mob Arena
    Pvp staff
    Tunnel of Love
    Fire floor
    Nether Spleef
    Big Dig
    Midnight Miners
    ?? (Mob fishing? Use the fishing poles on the mobs) hasn't been done for awhile
    Building contests

    I know there are more I haven't seen, apparently 1.12 broke previous command blocks. And I joined during the 1.12 years.
  15. 1 i like doin stuf good ok tnx
    2 dras good guy good guy evil bieing like me we ar evil and cinister
    3 i dind even read waht i needed tho tho .
    3ok ok ok im diggy diggy hole
  16. Bump! Only 1 day left to enter :)

    Ahh, excellent question! The answer is definitely my Todd_Vinton head--

    What happened to Todd? Well, that's a story that still angers me half a year later.

    ToddV came back to EMC last summer for a short while. He first connected, announced his shop at 2000 on smp1 was reopened, and then disconnected.

    Well, me and Card had a bit of fun selling things to the quite outdated shop signs...at the time, I didn't know anything about him.

    A week later he came back, and I struck up a conversation with him. He was amazingly polite, and I asked him about stories from the time he used to play. He shared many memories and the history of the shop, which he had spent enormous amounts of time and resources to build. One of his fun stories was how one person came through and bought out his entire supply of gold, nearly 10 DC's of blocks, to make enchanted golden apples before they were removed from crafting, lol.

    He had been off EMC for a long time due to personal reasons that he wouldn't elaborate on, but said he would try to play more. It was around this time that I asked if I could have one of his heads. He said sure, and asked if I wanted a "ToddV" or a "Todd_Vinton". I asked for the latter, as it was more historical, and paid him 500k for it.

    It was enjoyable chatting with a veteran who had returned after a long time. When I explained the concept of netherite being better than diamond armor, he was shocked. I offered to take him on a mining trip and teach him how to find debris, and he agreed! I had to go afk for a short while, though, so I idled on the res.

    Well, along comes.....Player X. I won't name X to spare them backlash, as they are a decently-known player who hosts events and runs hotels.

    I had told X a week ago (when I first found the shop) that they could come and make some rupees. They had done so, and had now come back since both me and Todd were on the res.

    X started chatting with Todd, asking questions and such, and the talk eventually led to the economy. Todd asked about his prices in the store--"Are these prices fair?"

    X cheerfully replied, "Oh, Dras has been ripping you off...he even asked me to join, too"

    (Admittedly so, but I had sent the rupees I got from selling + much more back with the 500k for the head)

    Todd didn't really say much to this, but then X started talking more. They started saying that the EMC economy is dead, nobody plays anymore, and he should quit because X is quitting, too. As proof of the "server is dead", X then took Todd to Yixomua's mall on smp7 and showed the chests for free farm crops and dyes. This, apparently, was proof that there was no economy anymore. (in reality, yix has free things to attract customers).

    The two came back to smp1, and Todd expressed that he might not play anymore, in this case. X then replied:

    "That's good. By the way, can I loot your res before you go?"
    Todd said he didn't do that sort of thing, and disconnected.

    In the end, Todd sadly got manipulated by X into quitting just so that X could try to get rich off of the items in his mall...items that Todd likely spent many years working to amass. I am glad that he did not give X perms before he left, but I am very sad that he quit, because I lost a new friend :/

    How do I know that it was because of X that Todd quit? Well, he sent me a message on Discord and then deleted his account.

    I am working on a large project with Progryck to showcase the legacies of EMC players, and my Todd_Vinton head will have a prominent place, along with a story book on a lectern describing some of the things he told me, as well as what player X did to manipulate him.

    From what others have told me, he was a quiet guy on EMC but loved to help others. I hope that whatever he's doing now, he's enjoying it.

    As for music on EMC? Ha, only sometimes do I queue up the Halo 4 violin songs.

    Oooh this is a good question! Sadly, I missed all the epic big Mob Arena fights I hear about :/
    I'm not a huge fan of Firefloor just because of how random it is, and jewel always wins netherspleef with his quick fists :p so I'll go with Tunnel of Love just because of how hilarious all the boats were
  17. This story is why I always take advice with a grain of salt. Predatory behaviors like this is toxic and good-natured folks who always try to assume the best intentions in others get burnt. I always encourage peeps to researc and send them legitimate information (like the promo thread link or past auctions I've had) to show some level of fairness in doing business.
  18. 1. What's your favorite/funniest memory of adventures in the frontier/wastelands of EMC?

    Favorite memory: completing my first massive hole for a farm. It took forever as I was new to that kind of project and I considered finishing it a great accomplishment.

    Funniest memory: building the kissing booths at the SMP8 PWU builds.

    2. If you won the Super Kit, how would you use the items?

    It would be used to expand my wild bases once I find the time to play again. College sucks up all my free time.
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  19. The time has come to pick a winner!!!!

    So, we have 30 participants in the drawing, and I numbered them 1-30:

    1. Slendy
    2. Belac
    3. Imperial
    4. Ryko
    5. Card
    6. Sharpie
    7. Steaming
    8. Ghostflame
    9. Grimm
    10. Amy
    11. Devil
    12. Tree
    13. Melon
    14. Draculas
    15. Wither
    16. Zomberina
    17. Storm
    18. Efficiency
    19. Snappes
    20. Merek
    21. Block
    22. Diamond_catcher
    23. 47names
    24. Katy
    25. Grrayone
    26. Tanks
    27. Raaynn
    28. Burki
    29. Daanhu
    30. Witherdoggie
    Now, we go to the Google random number generator, type in 1-30, and give it a go!
    And our winner is......


    You may pick up your winnings from +dras on utopia, res 5951!!!

    Thank you to everyone who entered! I loved reading all of your stories. I may do more fun giveaways in the future, so keep an eye out ;)
  20. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much!