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  1. Preface: no guarantee on IF this would happen or WHEN (as other new bugs/features/improvements have priority).

    Alright. So this is normally something I would delegate out to our creative staff to help me brainstorm, but I think this could use some feedback from you! :) I lack a bit in the creative realm.

    The topic for today is an interface to view achievements (or other stuff)!
    This is a long desired feature for EMC and at this time; I do not want suggestions on specific achievements that we could add (for another time).
    I am looking for suggestions on how to organize this type of information inside one of my chest interface screens. Not only the organization, but also the design.
    Important aspects to keep in mind:
    1. Size of the inventory (multiples of 9; up to double chest size).
    2. Groups/categories of achievements (possibly examples: New player; Town; Shops; Frontier; etc.)
    3. Extra buttons that control something on this screen.
    4. What type of item would represent these various buttons, symbols, achievements.
    5. Placement of these buttons inside the inventory.
    6. Potential lore to show when hovering (don't worry about color schemes - will align it to match EMC's standard in-game colors).
    7. Consider other future uses of this system; like quests, stats, or other?
    If I can get some feedback on what the design could look like; honestly that is the hardest part for this interface. Already have the infrastructure for the chest interface system finished.
    Adding actual achievements is actually a much more complex task that is a whole different conversation (lots more complicated).
    Questions? I will probably answer tomorrow; don't expect quick replies depending on the time.
  2. Do you have types of achievements you want achieved yet or do you want a list from us along with Icons that can fit each one?
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  3. I'm trying to leave this open-ended. Like I mentioned, I am not overly creative; therefore a bit curious what people come up with. :)
    A person does not need to address all aspects I mentioned in the OP, but pick and choose portions that they may have an idea on.

    Edit: Also. I am open to any idea. I hope everyone will respect all thoughts (even if it is a bad idea). Obviously we would filter those out in the end process.
    Also, due to technical limitations or simply inefficiency of tracking data. Certain suggestions could never be added based on that (regardless of how cool the suggestion might be).
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  4. I have a few...

    I believe the gui should be on a 'glowing' effect-based-system

    ie) Using nothing but papers as the icons - When you hover them the lore will display the achivement type, and how to obtain it

    when you complete it - it will forever glow - and the name of the item will change to 'complete'


    The titles of the pages could perhaps be on a category basis:

    The main page with all of the categories could use individual items to distinguish the categories

    for previous/next pages - could have the arrow skulls
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  5. Will this have something like a counter? For example: One achievement is to mine 2500 Obsidian blocks. When you hover over that it would show you currently have 1234/2500 to reach goal. Would make it easier to know what you still need for that current goal.

    Also love that suggestion from Elite about it glowing once completed.

    Will these achievement possible have teirs? Like Level 1: Kill 1 Momentus; Level 2: Kill 5 Momentus, etc with greater rewards to more you do?

    This possible addition sounds fantastic and just adds another thing to do on EMC if you get bored of something else.
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  6. Categories

    Basic ones I suppose but still something that could be added

    Farming -- Collect farmable goods
    Mining -- Collect ores and gems (includes nether quartz)
    Collecting -- Gathering of craftable materials (books, end crystals, anvils etc)
    Huntsman -- Combat the mods of Minecraft (collecting mob drops or kill certain amount of custom mobs)
    Warrior -- (Could be PVP Arena specific) Kill xx amount of people in the arenas using a specific weapon (swords, axes, bows, heck even shovels.)

    Icons to Represent

    Farming -- Either Wheat or Bonemeal (everyone uses a hoe to represent this :p)
    Mining -- (While the obvious answer would be a pickaxe) Why not a torch?
    Collecting -- Crafting Bench of Course!
    Huntsman -- Rabbit Leather (Just cause it looks better)
    Warrior -- Iron Helmet :p Or if the arena already has a noticeable icon then I would suggest using that.

    I would suggest them in the tiers that people would do should they have just started over on EMC.

    From Left to Right

    Mining, Farming, Collecting, Huntsman, Warrior (And so on for other possible categories)

    Use them if you wish, I do however think (as Elites stated) that they should glow when completed also Daily Achievement for actual tangible prizes (besides tokens) would be cool, and depending on difficulty the prize would be greater. Even should everyone get random or if everyone gets the same. Also when making achievements team based achievements would be an awesome idea it could perhaps search for how many people are in your group during time of completion. :D
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  7. The glowing idea is great, but I would actually suggest the reverse: have incomplete icons be glowing. I think it makes more sense to draw one's attention to the achievements that have yet to be completed, rather than the ones they've already done.

    The lore should have all that information, yeah, but I think the icons should be different, and relate to their achievements in some way. That way you can visually tell very quickly which one to mouse over to, instead of having to hover across each one and read them until you hit the one you're looking for, every time.

    Yeah, I like the idea of different, relevant icons. In these examples, though, "Collecting" could also be a chest, since that's what you collect stuff into, and the torch feels like it would be more for exploring than just mining, so maybe an ore instead? Sometimes the obvious answer is totally fine, as well.
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  8. Troller - Have somebody say "I hate <playersusername>" twice in one minute in chat
    Keyboard Warrior - Get muted three times for language
    Sadistic piece of crap - Get banned for griefing
    Lord/Savior - Have Aikar actually respond to you in town chat
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  9. As one of the peole who gives final approval for the actual achievements, I can say these will be denied.
    Sorry if you were being sarcastic. I cannot read the tone of your words in text.
  10. /rewards
    Would pop upt a SC inventory
    In it there would be items that represents different categories
    Achievements- book and quill?
    Basic/exagerated example of category
    -would include vote bonus rewards
    -defeating end dragon x times
    -daily/monthly quest

    These would subdivide in

    Compass-donno name for it
    -qould be like go to this coordinates or something(like find and mine x diamond ores(it would track if you placed them or found them yourself)
    Stone sword- battle
    Kill mobs quest/streaks

    -voting bonus
    -Emc achievments
    -pvp streaks?
    -vanilla achievements?

    If the quest has no reward, has no physical reward(tokens), or has many items represent it as a chest
    If the reward is an item put the item, but with the following name/format

    Name format
    Item name: Name of quest achievement
    Lore would include when it expires if it ever expires, and the enchantments the item has? Or the lore of the item

    EDIT: example

    Item chest
    Type EMC achivement

    Name of chest: Bob the builder!
    Lore: Fix something that Chin broke
    Reward: Rainbowchin himself a slave for a day

    ^awesome, but exagerated example(btw)

    I wrote this on my ipad and im kinda dizzy so what i wrote might not make sense at all so....
  11. They were pretty obviously sarcastic lol
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  12. I thought so, but I've been told off recently for something similar so I wanted to make myself clear at first.
  13. And for those people, we bring to you the Killjoy achievement!
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  14. This may be a bit off topic, but every time I switch servers & then go home on my res I get the Brewing achievement banner popping up. Is there a way to turn it off?

    Also, I'll try to work out a lay-out & get back to you. Are we working with the standard list of MC achievements, or are we adding custom ones too (like Momentus Slayer). If it is a custom set, it would be nice to have a list of achievements. Or are you asking us to come up with the achievements as well?
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  15. As stated in the OP He's only looking for interface ideas besides actual achievement details. However feel free to post some in here as I can't see it hurting anything. :)
  16. Yes, but knowing what achievements and how many they are may affect lay-out and interface design ideas. It is easier to lay-out and design if you know what you are working with.
  17. Another idea for an interface is do what most mods out there do which is add a sort of tab in the achievments window that has a little arrow at the bottom so you can switch over to another set of achievments :)
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  18. Can't do that without a mod.
  19. Main interface, 6x9 slots, can show groups of achievements
    and for each group there is an item in the leftmost column representing the group / category,

    The remaining slots to the right show the achievements or sub-categories,
    but also in a way of "level meter", so it is visually obvious
    what percentage of quests from a category was completed.

    Alternative design: the "level meter" is shown along with the
    last or the highest reached and the next not yet reached achievement.

    Perhaps banners can be used to make symbols,
    but a good choice of other items can also be very good.

    If there are more than 6 categories, then pages and
    corresponding navigational buttons are necessary - they can
    go into the leftmost column, and the items representing categories
    shift into the 2nd column.
    I also think arrow skulls are good for navigation.
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  20. I appreciate the suggestions this far! Hopefully will try to get the underlying system figured out, and then pull these ideas together at the end. :)
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