.Gifs in our Avatar

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Should this be a feature

yup 25 vote(s) 78.1%
nup 7 vote(s) 21.9%
  1. Possible?
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  2. sure it's possible, but never going to be allowed because it's annoying.
  3. Then how about an option to disable it in the preferences?
  4. <<< Highly possible
  5. LGB had a gif as a profile pic and so does rhy
  6. You can already make your avatar a gif, press on Rhythmically's name above and you'll see the little box pop up and that's when you can see it move. If you press and go to their completed profile, then you'll see it move still, too!

    As for making gifs move when viewing threads, I'd say just leave it off and keep it still, there's no real point, but I guess a disable option in preferences isn't too bad of an idea - depends how many people would want it.
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  7. According to the poll so far, it seems pretty popular
  8. The poll does look quite promising, I didn't expect that turnout :p I guess if it was there with a preferences option then it would appease both the people that want it and also the people that don't!
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  9. Explain?
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  10. I don't see why not, it would be pretty cool, and you could just turn it off anyways
  11. Only if there is an option to disable it. I find it annoying like seeing a laggy ad on the side of your screen.
  12. Hm... but in signatures, it is allowed, so why not in profile pictures too?
  13. As long as you'd be able to turn it off, sure.
  14. Gif me gifs or gif me def
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  15. This will confuse people who pronounce it as 'jiff'.
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  16. Can you turn off signatures?
  17. Yes, hover above your name in the top right, click preferences, and it's on that (not long) list. :)
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  18. Exactly, so why not be able to turn off .gifs in avatars then? According to the poll so far, most people would want that, and the people that dont, can just turn it off.