Ghasts Going Too Far?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jrlizard, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Look at the attached Picture 2012-09-08_13.51.23.png
  2. :O I think Aikar needs to maybe tweak it a bit more then?
  3. That is insane lol
  4. I remember seeing like 10 Ghasts at once...I thought it was normal in a open space, but what your seeing...
    It's unatural
  5. Same place 2012-09-08_13.51.21.png
  6. wow theres like 26 ish there lol
  7. jr. took me there, ik nether is like was crazy...all the screams and the explosions everywhere with lava
    spilling from all sides. it was just, scary
  8. Haha, did you survive?
  9. Ive died 17 times
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  10. For your enjoyment 2012-09-08_14.15.33.png
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  11. Ghasts friendly firing. Thats probably what saved my life when I was swarmed.
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  12. 2012-09-08_15.09.58.jpg 2012-09-08_15.12.57.jpg
    I wouldn't mind so much but they don't despawn and with this many, it's impossible to clean up after them while dodging fireballs and trying to navigate/patch this many craters.

    If that's not frustrating enough, I'm having MORE lag now that we've "fixed" the lag problem. What makes it even better is I'm having lock up problems too. I'll be in the middle of a bunch of ghast trying to thin them out and boom, I'm at my desktop. I've never had problems like this until the last few days.

    With them packed so close together, I do enjoy hearing them kill each other with their fireballs at least.
  13. keep in mind, the nether is supposed to be hell after all :p
  14. Remember to bring arrows and cobble. Maybe an enchanted bow or two.
  15. Hmm. I'd suggest traveling in groups in the Nether until Aikar can fix this
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  16. or just wearing fireresistant pants.
  17. U might want Blast Resistance too
  18. true, i have a villager for that though :D
  19. Ghasts are the only mobs that fly, so they have more spaces to spawn in the Nether. The new server update has made them reach their limits, and Aikar has its fix on his list of priorities.