Ghastly Ghast's 1.5!

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  1. Hello,

    This post is a discussion about the Ghastly Ghast's since 1.5 and other new things to be aware off when looking for Quartz.

    To find Quartz click -> [HERE]
    To get to the quartz area quick and safe click -> [HERE]

    So list of new things
    Ghastly Ghasts
    1. Ghasts can spawn 3 - 4 at a time
    2. Ghasts are much faster then ever before
    3. Ghasts fire at you faster then before

    Irritating Pigmen

    Pigmen now jump at you or get in your way on purpose in an attemp to start a fight

    What I mean by that is when your standing still with no pigmen with in sever blocks from you and you take aim with your bow to shoot at Ghast the pigmen will suddenly get in your way on purpose so you miss the ghast and hit them.

    As this happened to me a lot over the past few days I make the statement on purpose as it's never happened too this extent before now.

    There are single blocks of lava in nether rack now, so when digging out n-rack you will hit these the lava here now flows much faster then before so dig a hole for it to run into as this can be quicker then trying to run away. Then place blocks to get rid of the lava.

    The nether in the 1.5 zone is like a honey comb, some area's are only between 1 and 3 blocks deep then a big drop to mostly lava area underneath.

    Quartz is every where here but not so easy to get with these new challenges and unless glowstone is close to safe area or safe-ish it is impossible to get.

    My owe op is this is way too hard for most players.

    Yesterday a ghast was shooting at me and while I was taking aim the n-rack it hit exposed a lava block, fortunately I have good armor so I was able to get out but this was slow going and then 2 more ghasts spawned in and I was a sitting target, I did survive. :D

    This is just one experiencing I am sure there are more feel free to share them here.
  2. I have noticed these changes even though I don't use the nether too much. I am currently mining nether brick to get a dc so I can auction it off, however yesterday I was fighting some magma cubes when a pgman suddenly decided to jump in fortunately I did not hit it and on my way back to town I suddenly found myself fighting 3 ghasts luckily I have a 'god' bow so took them out in one shot each :p
  3. Nice shooting, my bow has taken a beating the past few days I collected over 2 stacks of tears and lost about the same amount when I got them ghastly ghasts over lava.
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  4. I agree, yesterday a ghast spawned in my blaze grinder and destroyed everything, even though it is incredibly well lit and has walls on all sides. I'd like it if staff could go into coding and cut back on mob spawning.
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  5. My new nether policy is just to ignore everything as much as possible. I take my best armor and as many potions as I can carry and just work work work, only engaging the ghasts if they are very close to me and I know I can hit them without getting a pigman instead. They are ridiculous, and I'm hoping they will just leave me alone if I continue to pretend that they don't exist :D
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  6. Like i didn't hate pigmen enough, now there all up in my face trying to start something, Lol, Potions are now a must if you wish to survive in the nether, especially with those little single blocks of lava. =)
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  7. It's funny because to get potions in SP you have to go to the nether.
    Good guide Silk.
  8. Well, I must say I love this changes:)
    A more hard nether is fun, especially with faster and more lava. But that's my opinion, and I understand you aren't agreeing with me when you lost 16 stacks of quartz.
  9. What to take with you to the nether
    Good armor pro 4, fire pro 4 and add unbreaking 3 recomended
    Silk touch Pickaxe - or fortune -> I recommend Silk touch though fortune 3 is a much rarer pickaxe to get.
    You can also get the xp from all your ore when you get back to town when you use your fortune pick on the ore.

    A good sword looting 3 sharpness 4 unb3
    Good bow unb3 infinity 1 fire aspect etc
    ender chest for extra storage make sure its empty before you leave town :D
    normal pickaxe for digging n-rack out of the way to save your silk for ore.
    food, potions, arrow for bow!

    I would also recommend you install rei's minimap to make way point so you can find your way back etc.

    ps add to this if I missed anything


    p.s I sell fortune and silk pickaxes diamonds and much more at 13131 if you need supplies
  10. I have not died yet :D so no losses on my part, its just harder and more dangerous
  11. tnx Kman
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