Getting greefed in the waste.

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  1. So I am building on my lodge out in the waste east. I know of the hazards of doing so and all but I think its cool. The reason I am posting here is because someone keeps stealing all my heads. I have signs all over saying not to take them but every day I come back they are gone. Also someone took a bunch of the powered track I put down to a mine from the safe zone. I have lost about 5-6 heads so far. Along with most the carpet and nether rack. lol .Its funny to see what is taken. They take the nether rack camp fire and nether portal but never use the nether portal to gather nether rack. could i get an admin to swing by and check it out?

    I don't want to see anyone banned i just want my heads back. I keep one behind the counter between the sign and the window. Its the desk clerk.

    Also, can we get the tree over the safe zone cleared?
  2. Griefing is illegal - if the staff catch the player they WILL be banned.

    If you want to know who did it, rename the heads, then ask staff to check who broke it. Named items are tracked in Square.
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  3. Do us all a favor and get a Moderator involved. If they are doing this to you they will do it to anyone else given the opportunity.

    Make it their problem rather than someone else's.
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  4. Detective Sky is on the case. :cool:
    I have deduced it down to 289147 members.
  5. Yes get a moderator to help. :) (they took the words out of me lol)^^
  6. This may be a bad idea, but you could booby trap your place. They would have deserved it.
  7. No PVP allowed, you silly goose.
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  8. As Sky has said, there is no PvP on the server. Intentionally killing ANYONE will result in a permanent ban.
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  9. I know now...
  10. Make a grief catcher machine. Emerald blocks are tracked in square (at least I think they are... I was told this a long time ago), put a bed on top of emerald block, place sign saying "Please dont break bed and steal emerald block".

    It works you know. :)
  11. It was dwelt with quickly. I hate to see anyone banned but ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Still need someone to check into the missing track but no big deal.
  12. If you have issues with things being stolen or griefed, do /staff and see who can help you at the time.
    Stealing or griefing in the Empire is punishable, regardless of in the waste or wild.
    If staff is not around feel free to start up a convo with me in the forums, and we can go from there.

    Keep this in mind, that if your things are visible and near 'populated' areas, while still against rules to steal, you will be dealing with issues more often.

    Good luck, see ya around, down in them mines!
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  13. well guys I got hit hard again. I came back today and my enchantment table and book shelf's are gone. my heads are gone and several other things are missing. like the anvil from the blacksmith is gone. all the fire pits are gone. If i can get a moderator in the next few hours to help that would be great. thank you guys.
  14. Do /staff and find one.
  15. This is not how you report a griefing. PM the online staff ( or, as Stew said, find one in-game.